Social Distancing

The COVID-19 emergency is having a big impact on everyone. Here in Ireland citizens have been told to stay at home until Easter Sunday, unless you work in an environment where you are deemed necessary. Dealing with this sudden change is difficult, especially when life as we know it is now utterly different and we have no idea when we can resume some sense of normality. 

This week’s guest blog is written by VOYA's Business Sales Manager Jayne Austin. Jayne details her personal thoughts in dealing with the "new normal" and gives some handy tips that may help you to deal with social distancing and isolation. 


My name is Jayne, I am a Business Sales Manager at VOYA, I wanted to write this blog to share my personal journey with you all. I know, I am certainly not on my own in dealing with having my world turned upside down. Being a little bit of a control freak, I love organisation and structure, plus most importantly I love my job and industry, so been unable to do what I enjoy every day has completely messed with my head! First and foremost, I am taking each day as I can. There is no magical cure or timetable for this awful situation. Accepting this has and probably will continue to be my nemesis.


I have found not going down a rabbit hole of COVID-19 related news has helped. I cannot tell you how many people I know who have become scientists, doctors, nurses and most impressively fortune tellers in the last few weeks. I joke… however, everyone has their own opinion on what we should be doing. So, instead of becoming overwhelmed, I have a daily catch up on what the official organisations and news streams are saying, take what is relevant to me, the people I need to protect and then move on. I don’t think of this as ignorance more as self-survival.


I thrive on having a routine, so having this all taken away is hard. Therefore, I am trying to create and adapt to new habits within an old routine. I still get up every day between 6 & 6.30 depending on my daily activities. In the morning I go running or walk Jasmine (my gorgeous spaniel) and take time to reflect and prepare what my day will entail.

Then dependent on working patterns, I work or find a household job to do (as they say “clean your space clean your mind”). I suppose the one positive about being stuck at home is that I finally have some time to catch up on all the work that I wanted to do and haven’t had the time and all the house jobs I didn’t want to do but now don’t have an excuse!

Voya relaxing candle scents


Until recently I was able to still attend my beloved outdoor fitness classes. Now this to me was super important as exercise is my wellness, it is the time where I de-stress and catch up with friends. Being honest this loss has affected me a lot but I have decided to invest myself in the other things I love and help me unwind.

Long Baths & Candles: take a long leisurely soak if you can. Light some candles, fill the bath and add VOYA Moonlight Moments Bath Oil and breathe. Take time to be thankful that you are well and healthy, that friends and family are just a call, message, video link away and that all being well we have the future for bear hugs and kisses.

Body Beautiful: take the time to invest in your skin, I fully apply my VOYA Softly Does It Body Lotion from head to toe with actual massage techniques rather than rushed applications. Investing in my skin health is super important. 

DIY Facial: I work in the spa industry and do my best to practice what I preach but not always with the intentions I wish. I am taking this time to really invest in my skin and take time out for me. Therefore, once a week I give myself a DIY facial:

  • I start with Cleanse and Mend Cleansing Milk to remove impurities and any surface grim. 
  • Next, I use VOYA Love A Scrub to gently exfoliate the surface of the skin, enabling my serum and moisturiser to be easily absorbed. 
  • Then I add a face mask such as Maskerade Soothing Facial Mask which contains hand-harvested Irish seaweed, pro-collagen extract, and other antioxidant-rich organic ingredients to calm and nourish my skin. 
  • Then I use My Little Hero Face Serum for facial Massage, using techniques to really work the muscles of the face and work the product into the skin. 
  • Finally, I finish with Me Time Soothing Moisturiser which has an active blend of Sea Heather® and Phytofuse Renew™, which are both clinically proven to increase the hydration levels and protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment. 
voya skincare routine

Puzzles & Quizzes: Mmmmm I wasn’t going to admit it but I love puzzles. I can’t remember the last time I completed one (that wasn’t my Godsons). So, I am activating my brain with puzzles. We have also set up quiz nights with friends over Zoom, which includes wine and nibbles – see keeping the routine somewhere 😊.

Self-care: This is the most important thing we can all do at this time. For me personally, I know and acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses. I always do what I can for others. I try not to be quite so willing but it seems to be right to the core of me. However, I can’t do this now if I don’t look after me. I love filling my time with helping mind my godson, visiting family, helping friends, I know there will be a time when I can do this again. But in this horrid time, I am also finding time to focus on myself, and during this short journey so far, I am finding me again. 😊

Voya self care routine


On reflection, I am choosing to look at the good that has come from a horrid situation. Therefore I would suggest that we all take the time to slow down and enjoy some of the beautiful things around us. Plan for the future, in both work and your personal life. Appreciate some of the things that maybe we took for granted and come out the other side as a mindfully healthier and mentally stronger version of yourself. 

Keep looking forward to the future, because this too shall pass.