• Lazy Days Detox Seaweed Bath
  • Organic Warmed Spiced Mud Bath
  • Organic Seaweed Aroma Bath Salts Therapy


  • Self Discovery Radiance Facial
  • Anti-Ageing Restorative Facial
  • Deluxe Facial Experience
  • Marine Eye Treatment
  • Intense Defence Male Facial
  • Resurfacing Radiance Facial


  • Luscious Salt Glow
  • Organic Lavender and Seaweed Sugar Glow
  • Organic Peppermint and Seaweed Sugar Glow
  • Organic Hydrating Body Scrub
  • Organic Stimulating Seaweed Body Buff


  • Organic Muslin Bag
  • Voyager Massage Journey


  • Organic Seaweed Leaf Wrap
  • Organic Ocean Essence Total Body Wrap
  • Organic Tangle Me Up Body Wrap
  • Organic Warm Spiced Mud Wrap

Foot & Hand Ritual

  • Voya Hand Ritual
  • Voya Foot Ritual

Sleep Ritual

  • Mindful Dreams

Tender Tides Treatments

  • Calm Seas Massage*
  • Heart of Ocean Cocoon*

* Cancer Care Touch Therapy Treatments - Available in Selected Voya Spa's. 

Mother to be

  • Organic Maternal Voyager
  • Organic Precious Moments