Fight the signs of Fatigue

As we move through autumn and get ever closer to winter, it gets that little bit harder to wake up in the morning. Without the sun coming through the window to give us that little boost and help us greet the day, it gets a little easier to hit the snooze button and a little harder to give yourself a glowing smile in the mirror. It’s hard not to show fatigue

Often, the biggest tell tale of fatigue is your eyes, so with this in mind here are some top tips to keep the area around your eyes looking fresh.

Say ‘No’ to Salt

Eating an excessive amount of sodium-rich food can lead to increased water retention in the body. This includes the area around your eyes which can lead to the appearance of puffiness. Keep an eye on the salt content on the labels of your food, as it is often listed as sodium.

Get More Sleep

If you feel fatigued and believe you look fatigued, a lack of uninterrupted slumber could be a culprit. During the day, your body sheds its top layer of skin which is made up of dead cells. When you go to sleep your metabolism is still working to restore these cells during the deep sleep phase. You need to give your body the time it needs to repair and maintain your skin.

Get More Sleep

H20 Hero

Drink at least two litres of water a day to give your body the hydration it needs to replenish skin cells. One source of dehydration that can be a factor in circles around the eyes and a general appearance of fatigue is alcohol. As we move closer to the Christmas Party season a handy trick to know is how to balance your alcohol intake with water. Pre-hydrate with a pint of water before you go out and then drink a tall glass of water between each alcoholic beverage. If you drink spirits on the rocks such as whiskey or vodka, ask for some water on the side to dilute it.

Use a Night Cream

Wake up with your ‘best you’ by nourishing your skin with a night cream that contains active and natural ingredients. Some people ask: “Why is skincare is still so important at night?” The answer is simple, your skin temperature is higher at night time, making it easier to absorb nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. Apply a facial serum and then some night cream to lock in moisture to your skin while you sleep.

Make Looking After the Skin Around Your Eyes A Ritual

Once a week give your eyes a bit more attention with VOYA’s Visage eye mask, this is one of the first seaweed eye masks ever on the skincare market, inspired by VOYA’s Eye Marine spa treatment where seaweed leafs are placed over the eyes. Check out this treatment on the VOYA Seaweed Bath website HERE, it combines relaxing and decongesting lymphatic massage movements with specialised products for individual concerns of aging which appear around the eye area.

What VOYA’s team have attempted to do is bottle this luxury treatment allowing you to bring it home. This awakening eye mask 15ml is ultra-soothing and a beautiful anti-inflammatory seaweed and green tea tonic for

even the most sensitive and puffy of eyes. The sea heather within will strengthen, protect and reduce inflammation, while the green tea desensitizes, cools and calms. ideal for tired eyes that need a lift.

Directions for use: Use Visage once a week as a booster treatment. Pump once onto the fingertips and gently apply around the eyes. For optimum benefit leave on overnight.

Home Remedies

We’d love to tell you that some of the homemade remedies that you’ve heard or perhaps tried are miracle cures for fatigue and bags under your eyes, but unfortunately, the jury is still out. At the very least some of these solutions can be soothing and contribute to a calming relaxing experience.


Cucumbers contain antioxidants which could potentially stop skin irritation, while the cooling effect may reduce swelling, and let’s face —it feels nice.

Cucumbers for the eyes

Cold, Used Coffee Grounds

Another remedy justified by the presence of antioxidants, some people swear by the process of apply cooled, used coffee grounds to the circles under their eyes and leave for 20 minutes. Supposedly this can shrink the visibility of capillaries under your eyes by absorbing retained water in your skin.

If you do try this, please note that cool, used, chilled coffee grounds are part of this practice. Do not apply hot coffee grounds to your face.

Natural Collagen Intake

Another remedy is to add sources of collagen to your diet. Chicken broth and collagen protein supplements are two examples of how you could do this. Even if this doesn’t produce instant youthful skin around the eyes, it’s a good way to get more antioxidants into your diet and fight those pesky free radical cells.