Skincare Routine for Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes many changes in a woman’s body and hormonal makeup. In your first trimester your hormones can throw your body into complete chaos where you may notice some changes in your skin or hair. This may come as quite a shock for some women, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. As any mommy-to-be can attest, the moment you discover a little one is on its way, every decision takes on an entirely new meaning.   Researching which skincare products are safe to use during your pregnancy can be quite an overwhelming process.

In this week’s blog, we talk with VOYA’s International Sales Manager, Gayle Kelly who’s first baby is due in the coming weeks. Before Gayle heads off on maternity leave, she shares with us her top pick VOYA products she used to maintain healthy and beautiful skin during her pregnancy.

Gayle’s Pregnancy Skincare routine

As a first-time mum to be, one of the first things that I started to research was what skincare products I needed to purchase. I soon realised that I had almost everything that I needed in my bathroom! I am delighted to share with you my skincare routine that kept my skin (and bump) hydrated and moisturised during my pregnancy. Due to the organic nature of the VOYA products and the amazing benefits of seaweed, there is an abundance of suitable products to choose from.

VOYA’s Body Oil

We have 3 beautiful body oils here at VOYA but for the most part of my pregnancy, I used Angelicus Serratus from head to toe – literally! I also used this oil as a hair treatment because instead of the gorgeous shiny locks that some lucky people get when pregnant, I found my hair became drier! Once a week I would leave some Angelicus Serratus in overnight or leave in for a number of hours while I cleaned the house with my hair tied up in a messy bun.

However, the main area I used the Angelicus Serratus Body Oil was on my “bump”! I still apply this body oil at night or in the morning and at 38 weeks, I still haven’t got any stretch marks! Fingers crossed this remains.

Since the launch of our new Mindful Moments body oil from our newly launched tranquil range, I now switch between oils to great effect. Mindful Moments includes Argan Oil which is like ‘liquid gold’ and incredibly hydrating for the skin.

VOYA’s Squeaky Clean Shower Gel

I have religiously used Squeaky Clean shower gel on a daily basis when I take a shower. Nowadays most shower gels are full of harmful chemicals and with these being easily absorbed by the body, an organic shower gel is essential for me.

VOYA’s Totally Balmy Cleansing Balm

Totally Balmy is a little lifesaver as it covers a multitude of uses. This is an ideal substitute for petroleum-based products and a wonderful deep cleansing facial cleanser to tackle dry skin. I would use this balm basically for everything that you would use petroleum products for!  Some of the main uses I have for this great little product are:

  • Facial Cleanser
  • Facial Mask
  • Lip Balm
  • Nipple cream (while pregnant – not suitable if breastfeeding when baby arrives)
  • Mask for Bump
  • Areas of extremely dry skin – knees, heals, elbows.

VOYA’s Softly Does It Body Moisturiser

I’ve been using Softly Does it for YEARS and now that I’m expecting, I not only see it as an extremely hydrating body moisturiser (that doesn’t feel tacky and sticky on the skin) but I now have multiple uses for it. I use it all over my body which allows me to save my body oil for my bath, hair, and tummy! I use it for added hydration when “bump” is going through one of its many growth spurts! Softly Does it is excellent for soothing itchy skin, as it contains Aloe Vera along with our Fucus Serratus seaweed which is excellent for calming inflammation and irritation.

VOYA’s Lazy Days Seaweed Bath

VOYA’s Lazy Days seaweed bath is one of the best beauty rituals you can do during your pregnancy and after! Just ensure that the bath water is at a comfortable temperature and that you use this only after your 1st trimester. One of the huge benefits of Seaweed is that it contains countless vitamins and minerals in really high concentrations.

Voya Pregnancy Skincare Routine

How Seaweed Baths Helped Me During my Pregnancy

Whilst you bathe in the seaweed bath (great for soothing those muscular aches and pains and general discomfort that comes along with pregnancy) your body can absorb what it needs from the seaweed to help keep you and baby vitamin rich! Seaweed is great for detoxifying the body (if like me and you overindulge on sweet things during cravings!)  and helps warden off any cold or flu. This product is packed full of antioxidants that help keep your skin beautifully hydrated.  I have taken a seaweed bath once a month since week 14 and feel that it’s played a huge part in allowing me to really enjoy my pregnancy.

Above is only a small selection of what I use and what I feel would be great all-round products for all of you expectant mums or for those of you who have already welcomed your new little bundles of joy! I hope you found the information useful. Here’s to a very new chapter in life!!!  xx