Skincare routine for flying

Have you any plans for some long or short haul trips this year? If so, this week’s blog may be very helpful for your skin! We are breaking down the ultimate in-flight skincare regime, using VOYA products to keep your skin hydrated and glowing while you are in the air!

Remove Your Makeup

If you’re wearing make up boarding your flight, we’d really recommend removing it once on board. You probably have your own preference for cleansing your skin, but cabin restrictions may make your ideal choice a little limited! If you are happy to remove your make-up in your chair, we’d recommend using a micellar water to cleanse your skin, instead of make-up removal wipes.

But, ideally, we’d recommend taking a quick trip to the restroom and using a cleansing balm such as Totally Balmy, it’s 100 ml so it’s the perfect size to take on board, to give your skin a really deep cleanse, then use a wet cloth (muslin cloths) to remove the cleansing balm and any trace of make-up.

Voya Visage Eye Mask

Spritz to Refresh and Tone

Spritzing your face with a refreshing mist will help to prepare your skin for any serums or masks you apply. Toning mists such as Ritzy Spritzy help to tone, cool, soothe and hydrate your skin. We’d recommend spritzing frequently throughout the flight to keep skin hydrated. 

Apply a Mask 

We think a flight is the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind with a face or eye mask. Applying a mask for 10 or 15 minutes will give your skin a number of wonderful benefits including a boost of anti-oxidants, hydration and nourishment. All VOYA face masks are 50 ml and easy to bring on board, depending on your need, you can choose between either an illuminating, soothing or hydrating options. If a full face mask sounds like too much effort, why not try an eye-mask to reduce dark circles and puffiness, Visage, Awakening Eye Mask will do just that whilst also hydrating, nourishing and revitalising the delicate eye area.

Apply a Super Powered Serum 

Always apply an active serum to protect skin from nasty free radical damage. Recycled cabin air has very little oxygen and dehydrates and depletes our skin. Facial serums are packed with antioxidant ingredients to purify, replenish, hydrate and nourish skin. While more advanced formulations like VOYA’s will also work deep down into the layers of skin to repair and strengthen the skin and reduce moisture loss.

Voya My Little Hero Face Serum

Again, depending on your need you can choose a serum that’s right for your skin type. We love My Little Hero, facial serum as it purifies, replenishes and nourishes, whilst repairing the signs of aging, protecting from environmental damage and maintains the lipid barrier of the skin to reduce moisture loss, all whilst giving the skin a healthy fresh glow.

Add a Moisturising Cream 

Finally apply a hydrating cream to lock moisturiser and protect against the drying cabin air. For long haul flights we suggest replaying the cream at regular intervals to sure your skin is super protected. All VOYA moisturisers and night creams are 50ml and easy to add to your carry-on. All of our moisturisers have been developed for different skin types, so it’s easy to pick your perfect match. Each one is formulated to give skin an extra boost of anti-oxidants, increase cell renewal, improve firmness and elasticity, improve skin texture, repair, replenish and soften any fine lines or wrinkles.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate!

Whilst indulging in some alcoholic beverages or coffee might sound like the more appealing option during your flight. Might we suggest swapping the alcohol and caffeine for herbal teas and water? Sipping water regularly throughout the flight will keep your body and thus your skin hydrated.

But, why not try some VOYA herbal teas as well. Our teas are made from the most natural ingredients and hand harvested seaweed and each flavour works hard to benefit both body and mind. Fennel Fusion flushes out excess fluids to reduce water retention, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident. Camomile Calm is the perfect soothing treat due to its tranquil properties, promising to leave you relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep, especially on those long-haul trips! While Peppermint Pleasure is a fantastic tonic for aiding digestion and soothing the stomach, helping to reduce any signs or feelings of bloating, it’s the ideal tonic for reinvigorating the body and boosting concentration levels. 

Get Some Shut-Eye

Maybe not the easiest tip for short-haul but if you are undertaking a long haul trip, try and get some sleep! Sleep is so important to maintaining a great complexion, it has been proven that the cell rejuvenation process takes place when your body is resting, suggesting that your skin's luminosity is better post-rest. Add an eye mask to your carry on to make it easier to block out the harsh cabin lighting and download some soothing music to help you drift off to the land of nod.

Happy Flying! 

Voya Happy Flying