December Spa of The Month | Cures Marines Hotel & Spa Trouville MGallery Collection


There is no more beautiful place to escape than this small fishing port, with its long beach of fine sand, narrow streets lined with houses of fishermen and impressive panorama of the Pays d’Auge.

Nicknamed the Queen of Beaches and recognised as being the most beautiful beach on the Côte Fleurie for the unique quality of its sand, Trouville-sur-Mer promises tranquil family vacations and romantic getaways. No matter the season, the authenticity, history, atmosphere, and architectural heritage provide a feeling of fullness.

Cures Marines Hotel and Spa Trouville MGallery Collection Hotel


More than a hotel, the Cures Marines Hotel & Spa Trouville MGallery Collection is history. Designed by architect Alexandre Durville and inaugurated in 1912, the building was intended to be the largest casino in Europe – but during the First World War was requisitioned as a hospital and during the Second World War was an important Allied HQ. Over the decades the building had various other important uses, until its rebirth in 2015 with support from financiers, public authorities and the Accor Group. The story resumed exactly where it left off, and the nostalgia of Cures Marines was gracefully awakened by architect designer Jean-Philippe Nuel. 


Each stay is part of a timeless journey and is shaped by the local culture and spirit. At Cures Marines you can expect a combination of ancient and contemporary stories, meticulously preserved to evoke the pleasant feeling of being ‘at home’.

Cures Marines Hotel and Spa Trouville MGallery Collection guest room

Due to the unique shape of the building and its numerous windows and bays, the 103 rooms and 6 suites are all different – offering either a view of the sea, the port, or the silent courtyard.

The ‘Queen of the Beaches Suite’ is the gem of the hotel, offering a cocooning space of 60m² with an incomparable panorama of the most beautiful beach of the Côte Fleurie – heaven for lovers of the sea. Here, furniture is dressed in precious materials, wool, and soft, enveloping satin and colours of white, grey, and blue subtly echo the marine environment.

Bathed in incredible light thanks to its majestic 4.5m bays, The Gallery restaurant is a unique place where subtle seaside chic meets heritage. The menu, delicious and natural, evolves with the seasons. In fine weather, you can also enjoy the 300m² panoramic terrace, offering views of the Queen of Beaches. Here you can take full advantage of a peaceful moment in time.


Cures Marines Hotel and Spa Trouville MGallery Collection Spa

The Purist – a new landmark – is the start of a new cycle towards holistic balance. The Purist Retreat & Spa at Cures Marines Hotel & Spa Trouville MGallery Collection allows you to live in harmony with the elements, feel the power of your body, and be lulled by your spirit.

“The Purist Retreat & Spa is intended to be deployed worldwide. With this new concept, we emphasize the expert hands of our teams, but also strong CSR commitments, with hotels that not only take care of their guests but also of their environment. At Cures Marines Hôtel & Spa Trouville - MGallery Collection, the hotel is eco-certified Green Key; it has implemented local and organic food sourcing, and established beauty partnerships with responsible skincare brands such as VOYA and Cinq Mondes. I strongly believe in the symmetry between a concept that offers sustainable well-being to its clients, and the societal and environmental commitment of the hotel that hosts it.”

Maud Bailly, CEO of Sofitel, Sofitel Legend, MGallery and Emblems.

Cures Marines Hotel and Spa Trouville MGallery Collection voya spa partner treatment room

The Purist is born of a desire to experience the present, to stop the dial, to meet its naturalness… A space where we (re)find our balance and create new lifestyle habits that can be practiced for a long time. Experience a treatment that will re-charge your batteries, movement to re-load yourself, nutrition to re-balance and sleep to re-charge.

Exhale... You have arrived. 


Faced with nature, you are able to take your time, live in the moment and live fully. The Purists’ 4 pillars of holistic wellbeing are:

Movement: From the first movement of breathing to the most intense sports, the coaches at Cures Marines Hotel & Spa Trouville MGallery Collection have developed programmes that adapt to the needs of each customer at their own pace, to strengthen the body in depth.

Care: The Purist treatment menu focuses on holistic wellbeing, combining ancestral techniques and cutting-edge technologies. Here you can experience personalised and multi-sensory immersive experiences.

Sleep: The Purist approaches sleep according to rhythm circadian, with rituals and tools that aid the re-discovery of the pleasure of sleeping and waking up. A personalised and adapted approach for restful sleep is offered especially for Cures Marines Hotel & Spa Trouville MGallery Collection that has been developed with experts.

Nutrition: Re-gain your energy with the principles of ‘energy cooking’, with thanks to Chef and Culinary Researcher Emilie Felix as nutrition expert. Centred on vitality and wellbeing, this ancestral technique brings life and taste to each dish on offer.

Cures Marines Hotel and Spa Trouville MGallery Collection Brasserie


The rebirth of the spa is courtesy of YLC Studio and Elsa Joseph, specialists in high-end architectural projects. Three levels in total make up the 2,500m² space of wellbeing and innovation, the most impressive of which is the creation of a swimming pool that is filled with sea water. The space has undergone extensive modern interpretation, while still highlighting historical elements like the beautiful high ceilings, large corridors, and chandeliers. 

With 34 immersive treatment cabins where time stands still, a hammam, sauna, 5 sensory showers, a sports studio, a meditation space and the latest French welltech, The Purist Retreat & Spa offers something for everyone.


On Floor -2, Les Thermes, you can find the luxury of VOYA. Offering VOYA Wraps and treatments with organic raw algae, you can experience the sea and all of its benefits alongside the heated seawater swimming pool and jacuzzi. Impressively there is also a glass roof where artificial light changes depending on the time of day above the pool.

Cures Marines Hotel and Spa Trouville MGallery Collection spa pool

Why not try out one of the detoxifying VOYA rituals, which involves being wrapped in algae leaves to soothe and fortify, using strips of fresh and concentrated seaweed.

The virtues and benefits of sea water are infinite, both on the metabolism of the body as well as the mind. The Purist Retreat & Spa offers a selection of marine experiences for the wellbeing of body and mind. This includes sea water bathing, sea ​​rain (a soothing spray over the whole body), wave energising, relaxing or sculpting (high marine jet pressure) or a flotation tank (with Epsom Salts to invite you to let go and completely disconnect).

Cures Marines Hotel and Spa Trouville MGallery Collection Sea Front

Breathe in the iodised air, live to the rhythm of the tides, and appreciate the benefits of sea ​​water… Cures Marines Hotel & Spa MGallery Collection invites you to disconnect for an hour, a day, a night or a stay. The Queen of Beaches is a real postcard setting.


For more information on Cures Marines Hotel & Spa MGallery Collection, please visit their website here. On their website you can read more about The Purist Retreat & Spa and of course view the full VOYA treatment offering.

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