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We don’t need to tell you that a spa day can be a real treat and a great way to get away from the stresses of everyday life, but did you know there are several benefits for your mind and body that a trip to the spa can offer? 

To celebrate our support of National Spa Week 2016, VOYA have put together a list of the ways that a trip to the spa benefits your body and mind while you relax in a tranquil setting. 

Muscular Relief

Some of us like to enjoy the spa in a freestyle way, moving from the Jacuzzi to the steam room, before lounging under some heaters. This no frills, luxury lounging experience is great for peace of mind and relaxation, but by adding a treatment such as a massage package to your day, you could be doing your body a world of good. 

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Whether you’re looking to iron out the knots and strains that have accumulated in your body due to sport or are looking for some pain relief for an old injury, there’s a massage that’s just right for every part of your body.  


Did you know that a day at the spa can play a role in getting a better night’s sleep? It’s all down to body temperature. When our bodies are in a deep sleep, our temperatures are cooled. If you can raise your body temperature with the help of a bubble bath, Jacuzzi or steam room an hour before you go to the bed, it makes it easier to lower your temperature for a restful night’s sleep when you get under the covers. 

Relief from Joint Pain

If you are someone who suffers from joint pain or arthritis, you should be on the lookout for a spa that has a hydrotherapy suite.

Research has proven that hydrotherapy can improve strength and fitness in people that are suffering from joint pain and various types of arthritis.

 The extra support and higher temperature that the water provides makes the body feel like it’s doing more exercise than normal during aquatic movement while the water supports their body weight. This is also another way that can tired spa goers out for a good night’s sleep later in the evening. 

Expelling Toxins 

Stress Relief

One of the great things about the spa is that most premises insist on a mobile phone-free environment. Relaxing music, a warm room temperature and an atmosphere of calm can give spa users the right setting to practice mindfulness and meditation. Even if you feel physically fine, the spa can be a great place to look after your mind without any distractions. Learn the basics of meditation here. 

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Enjoy a Treatment That’s Right for You 

No matter the occasion, a day at the spa should always be enjoyable. Be sure to talk to the therapist before you undergo any treatments if you have a skin condition or an allergy to certain oils or creams that might be used in the process.

People with psoriasis should take care with any rough massages that might cause trauma to the skin and instead focus on mud baths, mineral water baths or any treatment that offers anti-inflammatory properties. 

Relax, heal and enjoy.

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