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The Essential Men's Skincare Duo

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Specially formulated for men, energise the skin with an intense infusion of VOYA zesty Lime and spicy Clove. The Essential Men's Skincare Duo contains VOYA’s Shave Gel alongside our Rejuvenating Moisturiser to make every day grooming a breeze.

Bundle Includes:

  • VOYA Man Shave Gel (125ml) - VOYA’s certified organic and cooling shave gel offers the ideal medium for a close shave whilst protecting the most sensitive of skins. The refreshing gel formulation helps to enhance the skin’s natural balance, combining sea heather and natural seaweed extract to hydrate and soothe any shaving irritations, while vibrant fragrances of Rosewood, Lime, and Clove lead to a citrus cool shaving experience.
  • VOYA Man Rejuvenating Moisturiser (50ml) - Our rejuvenating moisturiser for men helps to protect the skin barrier and soothe irritations caused by shaving, free radicals, and environmental damage. Formulated with seaweed extract which works to increase firmness, diminish fine lines, reduce redness, restore balance and retain moisture levels.

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