Oh So Scented Luxury Room Spray | Coconut & Jasmine


Let VOYA transport you to the warm white sandy beaches of the Caribbean. This Room Spray offers a scent that is a smooth, relaxing, and luxurious with a rich core that boosts tropical notes of Coconut infused with smooth Vanilla and undertones of Jasmine and Orange. A twist of creamy Amber will soothe and comfort the soul. This scent will improve your mood and reduce stress levels.


About Room Spray's

Discover the quickest and most convenient way to give your home an opulent VOYA spa ambience. Our 100% natural luxury room sprays will naturally eliminate odours, freshening the air with essential oils. Kind to you, your room, your home and the earth.

Directions for Use

  • Shake before use.  
  • Hold the conditioner in an upright position and point towards the centre of the room.
  • Press button downwards for 2/3 sprays depending on room size.
Organic Luxury From The Sea

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