Body Smoothing Duo

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Take a 2-step approach to tackle the appearance of uneven skin through exfoliating, and skin stimulating movements using our Exfoliating Body Brush. Then layer Serenergise Rejuvenating Body Oil to improve skin appearance and suppleness. 

Bundle Includes:

  • Exfoliating Body Brush & Organic Cotton Pouch  - VOYA's Exfoliating Body Brush made with Cactus Bristles comes with an Organic Cotton Pouch. Our natural exfoliating brush allows you to dry brush and exfoliate every part of your body gently yet effectively. The brush works to eliminate dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow to leave skin looking renewed, radiant, and velvety soft.
  • Serenergise - Rejuvenating Body Oil (100ml) - A rejuvenating body oil, VOYA Serenergise hydrates and revives skin. Suitable for sensitive skin, Laminaria Digitata (Seaweed) deeply nourishes skin while Rosehip Oil restores skin's natural moisture balance. Designed to be massaged into tired skin and scented with warm notes of Ginger and Sweet Orange, VOYA Serenergise uplifts both mind and body, and leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

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Organic Luxury From The Sea

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