Skincare for working out

We all know working out is essential and beneficial for our physical and mental wellbeing. But what about your skin? Does it have a negative effect? At VOYA we want to give our top tips for your pre and post-workout skincare regime.

Gyms tend to be a bit, well, gross. People actively sweating using the same equipment and others not using the disinfectant properly or at all. How do you protect your skin in these environments? We have some handy tips and the essential anti-bacterial skincare product suggestions for your gym bag!


Make sure you keep your water intake steady both pre and post-exercise. Water helps your skin flush out toxins, which in turn,  helps improves your complexion for healthy and glowing skin.

Hydrate when working out


If you're attending a gym regularly, chances are you're sharing lots of equipment and apparatuses with others. So, you'll want to avoid bacteria and germs as much as you can. Inevitability as careful as you are, there is always a risk of spreading germs onto your skin and pores. We would advise using an anti-bacterial face wash before and after you work out to wash away bacteria, chemicals, dirt, and impurities. We suggest the following cleansers: 


This gentle face wash uses specially selected organic cleaning agents to wash away impurities. Renowned for helping with acne breakouts, it boasts anti-bacterial properties that are excellent for cleansing problematic skin. After your work out, wash away sweat, oils and bacteria without irritating your skin.


Deeply cleanse and strengthen the skin with this invigorating seaweed infused facial wash. Containing Sea Heather and Aloe Leaf Extract, with Vitamins A & E, this gentle and conditioning cleanser works to improve the skin’s tone, aid cell repair and boost collagen production. With an ocean-inspired scent that combines warm rich woody undertones with fresh Clove and Lime, it will leave skin invigorated. 


Although some people feel a bit naked without it. We really advise using a gentle cleanser before a workout for a clean makeup-free face, allowing your skin to breathe. Otherwise, makeup will mix with sweat and clog your pores. 

Once you've thoroughly cleansed your skin. We would suggest using VOYA's Porefection Clarifying Gel Toner which has anti-bacterial properties. This formulation helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and balances the PH level of the skin. It's organic formula also fights inflammation and reduces excess sebum production.

Running girl

It leaves skin fresh, calm and with a matte complexion, so perfect for setting skin before a workout. Porefection’s key ingredient, Himanthalia Elongata, is rich in vitamin C, essential amino acids (glutamic acid, GAGs) and minerals which deliver a natural ability to restore balance to your skin’s moisture levels. 


If you are exercising outside in the elements, running, or walking for example. We would suggest protecting your freshly cleansed face with a light moisturiser or serum under your SPF to protect your skin against free radicals. We recommend Even Pure as a lightweight moisturiser, as it is bursting with results-driven scientifically proven organic ingredients. This moisturiser concentrates on minimising the appearance of pores but is also hydrating, nourishing and anti-inflammatory.


After exercise, a combination of our Serenergise Body Oil and Feel the Heat Body Warming Gel, will help to relax and ease muscle stress. With a combination of ingredients such as Arnica, Comfrey and Ginger this duo is the perfect post-workout tonic to deeply soothe muscles whilst nourishing and hydrating the skin. 

voya muscle recovery range


Did you know that certified organic ingredients are kind to the body and won’t irritate the skin during sweat-heavy and intense workouts? Some key ingredients included in many of VOYA's face and body products include: 

  • Alpine Willowherb - a plant extract that has skin-calming and antioxidant benefits.
  • Himanthalia Elongata seaweed extract - rich in vitamin C, essential amino acids (glutamic acid, GAGs) and minerals.
  • Aloe Vera - contains bacteria/fungi fighting compounds (especially good for gym environments!) and is known to reduce pain and inflammation, while also stimulating the skin’s healing process.