Protecting your mental health

Today, the 31st May 2019 is the last day of Mental Health Awareness month. So, for this week's blog, we are focusing on minding our mental health both at home and in work.

Having a positive work-life balance is very important, simply put. If you don’t get this under control it can have a negative effect on both your health and your relationships. Don’t be too hard on yourself, no one achieves the perfect work-life balance, but taking steps in the right direction can help. Plus, it also really helps to do what you love!

Tips for Improving Your Work-Life Balance 

When you’re in, you’re IN! Ensure when you are in work you are maximizing your efficacy and efficiency, be 100% present and enthusiastic and your productivity will benefit.

Self care is important

Get a head start, get up an extra 10 minutes early and stay that little bit ahead of yourself all day. There is no point doing over time when you are not firing on all cylinders, so when you’re in be in and when you're out, be out!

Finally, when you leave work, leave work behind. Do not get into a habit of doing anything related to work at home. Separate these worlds!

Learn how to say No

If you want to achieve balance and feel more confident you need to stand up for yourself. Don’t waste any of your precious work or personal time doing things that are unimportant. Learn how to say No, as you will never make progress in what you really want to do if you keep saying YES, all the time.


Mental health wise, this step is a good one! Stop overcomplicating things, you could be stuck in a rut and if you just adjust the way you approach your regular activities, you can feel renewed and less stressed.

Cut out some steps in your daily routine, if you can. Do some “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” and clean your wardrobe and de-clutter the mind simultaneously. For anyone who hasn’t heard of this phenomenon, read more here.

mind your mental health

Protect Your Relationships

Make time to spend:

A: with yourself, ensure you get some meditation and or exercise in at least 2-3 times a week!

B: with your spouse, set time each day to be alone with your partner if you are lucky enough to have one! No interruptions.

C: with your kids, every day give those little people your undivided attention for an hour or so. Talk to them about what’s important and going on in their lives.

D: with your friends, set one night a week where you meet a friend and chat and blow off some steam with the people you do that the best with.

That's it, some small changes that you can incorporate into both professional and personal situations to hopefully make life that little bit easier. 

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