February Spa of the Month | The Pig Hotel, UK

As we enter February, VOYA are delighted to highlight another one of our brilliant spa partners to you. The Pig Hotel is not just one, but a series of unique, country hotels that are full of charm. Pig hotels can be found in the most stunning locations, with unique combinations of ancient woodland, agricultural farmland, and some within casting distance of the sea.

 After the first Pig Hotel opened in 2011, a further seven have opened across the UK after incredible success. There are now eight PIGs ‘in the litter’ and VOYA are delighted to be on this journey with them. 


The Pig has a focus and dedication to home-grown at its core. Their emphasis is firmly on food, with a very simple and honest philosophy to only use produce that The Pig can grow themselves in the kitchen garden or source from within 25-miles. They describe their hotels as “restaurants with rooms” where everything is driven by the gardener, forager, and chef from the Kitchen Garden.

This obsessive commitment to home grown and local produce means the hotels and their guests can celebrate the seasons, enjoying only what is fresh and available; the chef, kitchen gardener and forager work hand in hand to create a menu of uncomplicated and simple British garden food, true to the micro seasons. It doesn’t get any more local and home-grown than that.

The kitchen gardens differ from Pig to Pig, allowing each location to have its own identity and character that evolves with nature, rather than a product of design. Each kitchen garden influences the different parts of a guest’s day, from their morning mint tea to a vibrant, tasty lunch - even their G&T that will be infused with flavour, aroma, and colour from the garden. 

Voya organic beauty products and treatments at the Pig Hotel


Even the treatment rooms are connected to the garden, as treatment huts are filled with gentle aroma that truly helps guests to feel connected to nature.

The Pig creates a VOYA experience with a difference, as your treatment takes place in one of their incredible Potting Shed Treatment Huts. In true Pig style, these converted rustic Potting Sheds and Shepherd’s Huts are found in the gardens, surrounded by nature.

VOYA are proud to be partnered with all seven of the Pig's that offer treatments. Guests can indulge in sublime VOYA face and body treatments provided by their expert therapists. From relaxing massages to organic facials, the treatments will refresh your body and bring out your natural beauty. VOYA certified organic products are formulated using the finest natural ingredients, hand-harvested seaweed extract, and essential oils to nourish and protect the skin. Seaweed is packed with minerals, vitamins and has strong antioxidant properties, making it the perfect ingredients for a natural, detoxifying spa treatment.


Guests visiting the original Pig, tucked away in the heart of the New Forest can enjoy treatments such as the Anti-Ageing Restorative Facial. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, but especially for those in search of anti-ageing results.

This restorative facial use VOYA’S finest organic ingredients combined with antioxidant algae complexes and a restorative blend of aromatherapy oils. It is this mix of seaweed and botanical ingredients that help to stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Resulting in instantly firmed and tightened skin with a natural and more radiant glow. Priced at £115 for 60 minutes.



Both VOYA and The Pig share a passion for sustainability that stems from their connection to nature and the environment. Our shared ethos of authenticity, focus on wellbeing and use of organic ingredients make us perfect partners.

The Pig have an extensive list of ways in which they work to reduce their footprint, care for and protect the environment, and give back to the communities they are part of. As well as working with local food and beverage suppliers within a 25-mile radius, The Pig produce around 17 tonnes of their own fruit and vegetables across our own sites each year, which require no packaging and do not need to travel.

All garden waste is composted, and all cooking oil recycled. The Pig even have their own beehives producing honey and pollinating the garden, as well as dedicated areas such as wildflower meadows, bird habitats, insect homes and freshwater ponds to boost the biodiversity of of their patches. To take this biodiversity initiative even further afield they gift guests a seed packet to take home with them so they can start a ‘grow your own’ project themselves, if every room took a packet of seeds home 29, 581 kg of Alpine Strawberries would be planted in a year! 

The Pig also do their best to reuse, recycle and re-purpose. Ranging from reupholstered furniture to refilling tonic bottles with oil, you will be sure to find upcycled items in every cosy corner of The Pigs. They recycle all the coffee capsules from bedrooms, and all menus to make coasters and napkin rings. All plastic has been removed from their bars (stirrers, straws and picks) as well as all plastic cotton buds and their plastic wrapping from rooms, which alongside their locally sourced and hand made bedroom soaps are wrapped in paper.

Like VOYA, The Pig have numerous partnerships that support the wider community. As well as supporting local children’s, young adults and hospitality charities, The Pig run an Apprenticeship Scheme designed to help young people get into hospitality and develop them into the chefs and hoteliers of the future. The bespoke PIG Chef Apprenticeship programme provides chefs with an accredited training pathway which will enable them to develop the unique knowledge and skills the industry requires.


For more information and to find The Pig at a location near you, please visit their website here. They also encourage suggestions for locations, for future Pig’s near you.

Keep an eye on their events page to be the first to know when the next Pig x VOYA event is taking place, where you can learn about the VOYA brand, our hero ingredient Seaweed as well as skincare tips and tricks.

You can follow The Pig on Instagram as well as Facebook.