VOYA's Bright Eyes New & Improved Packaging

VOYA’s award-winning Bright Eyes rejuvenating antioxidant-rich eye cream has had a makeover.

The previous style glass bottle and pump have been replaced with a user-friendly squeezable sleek tube. The new design has a slim nozzle that dispenses exactly the right amount of product, resulting in better delivery and less wastage. The lightweight new tubes, which contain the same volume of product, weigh less compared to glass thus allowing us to further reduce our carbon footprint when transporting them. The packaging is also made using recycled plastic and is recyclable. This is just another step in our ongoing evolution of sustainability.With Spring now upon us, we are spending more time outdoors and opening our eyes to the beautiful sights around us. It is vital to take care of our skin and in particular the finer delicate skin around our eyes. Heavier face creams are too thick for this sensitive area and can overload it causing puffiness or even milia from clogged pores. VOYA’s Bright Eyes is light in texture and packed full of anti-aging properties thanks to the powerful ingredient, Sea Heather®, and the restorative power of nutrient-rich and hand-harvested organic seaweed. Bright Eyes can assist in conquering dark circles, reducing puffiness, and smoothing fine lines. The results are radiant, refreshed eyes, perfect for the brighter days and longer evenings ahead.