VOYA Organic Beauty Partners with Laceby Manor, Lincolnshire, UK

VOYA Organic Beauty, leading global luxury and sustainable lifestyle brand is extending its portfolio with the recent partnership with Laceby Manor, in Lincolnshire, UK. Set to open in July 2022 the Spa at Laceby Manor treatment menu will include VOYA facials, Hammam experiences, bathing and massages that harness the natural benefits of hand- harvested seaweed.

As an ingredient that naturally absorbs nourishment from the sea, seaweed is made up of 800 essential minerals, vitamins, and other bioactive compounds. VOYA’s treatments fit seamlessly into The Spa at Laceby Manor, as it extends the sense of wellbeing and nature from the surrounding countryside creating a dedicated sanctuary for wellness, a retreat within a retreat where you can truly relax.

Treatment room at Laceby Manor with Voya Treatments

VOYA Treatments at Laceby Manor

Suited to all genders, spa guests will be able to enjoy new wellness experiences with something on offer for everyone. For example, the truly amazing detoxifying therapy of the VOYA Organic Hammam Seaweed Leaf Wrap uses organic seaweed leaves to exfoliate and wrap your body.

Beginning with a Bladderwrack Body Buff, this treatment detoxifies, firms, and softens the skin. Your whole body is then enveloped in Laminaria Seaweed leaves for instant results. The treatment is completed with a massage application of VOYA’s Softly Does It body moisturiser to nourish and soften the skin.

For guests needing to recover from the stress and strains of the world, the VOYA Seaweed Massage melts away tension and stress with this targeted massage focusing on the back, neck, and shoulders. Choose from uplifting citrus, soothing Lavender, or warming Ginger to create your perfect journey into relaxation.

Voya treatments at Laceby Manor

The bespoke 90-minute Organic Face and Body Ritual is an exclusive VOYA and Laceby Manor signature treatment. Embrace wellbeing with this top to toe journey of relaxation and pampering.

Your treatment begins with an exfoliation and hot towel cleanse of the back, neck, and shoulders, before a deeply relaxing massage melts away muscular pain, stress, and tension. A grounding foot ritual and massage deepens your relaxation. Now relaxed, your skin is perfected with a targeted facial to hydrate and purify your skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, hydrated, and plumped.

Sustainable spa brand Voya partners with Laceby Manor

Sustainable Wellness

“We are delighted to partner with Laceby Manor. With their commitment to sustainability at the heart of this new spa it makes it the perfect partner to VOYA’s long standing commitment to sustainable, scientific, and certified organic luxury products and treatments.”

Mark Walton, co-founder of VOYA

‘‘Our team was committed from the very start to creating a sustainable wellness experience that leaves you feeling the benefits long after your visit. When selecting our brand partners, we knew VOYA was the perfect fit for us – delivering luxury, organic skincare with ethical values that align with our bespoke, eco-conscious design. Everything has been carefully selected to ensure that visitors receive the highest levels of care and best treatments available with minimal impact on the planet.’’

Belinda Belli, Laceby Manor Spa Director.