Voya Room Sprays

Here at VOYA, we see fragrant atmospheres as integral to a happy environment and Room Sprays are the quickest and most convenient way to give your home an opulent VOYA spa ambience. Naturally eliminating odours and freshening the air with essential oils, these handy sprays are 100% natural and are made with pure essential oils and natural emulsifiers.

They are full of tiny droplets of aromatherapy goodness - no chemicals included. All expertly blended to help you to awaken the senses, boost your mood and help you enjoy your day.

Kind to you, your home and the earth!

Two Original Scents 


VOYA’s Oh So Scented African lime and clove fragrance will help you feel instantly tantalised, refreshed and revitalized. This is a sparkling vibrant aroma with top citrus notes of Lemon, Grapefruit and fresh Lime combined with an unexpected twist of crisp herbs and warm spicy Cloves. Conjuring notes of citrus and the sea, this scent provides an uplifting and refreshing pick me up to awaken the senses boost your mood and help you enjoy your day.

Voya Natural Room Sprays


Be enchanted by invigorating eucalyptus, blended with compelling citrus and deep earthy forest scents that are 100% natural. VOYA’s Oh So Scented Cedarwood and Bergamot room spray has a fragrance that is timeless, refined and ultra-luxurious, Sweet Bergamot mixed with luscious Cedarwood and Rosewood creates a sumptuous yet balanced aroma. This uplifting fragrance will effortlessly transform any room in your home with just a few sprays.