VOYA Launches New Skin Renewal Facial in partnership with Haumea

VOYA introduces our latest treatment innovation which comprises of organic skincare and sonic technology to deliver stronger, resilient, and naturally glowing skin.

The New Skin Renewal Facial

This new VOYA facial is the complete approach to results-driven organic skin health. This treatment features VOYA’s newly launched Advanced Serum Range, which has been formulated with certified organic antioxidants and clinically proven biotech actives, that are now combined with the sonic pulse technology of the Haumea Facial Brush. This skin renewing treatment will target various skin concerns for optimal skin health.

Voya New Advanced Serums

VOYA’s bespoke deep cleansing ritual is used to commence the facial to ensure the skin is prepared for the Resurfacing AHA peel that comes next to diminish congestion and help improve lacklustre skin. This is followed by a powerful age defying facial massage, a deeply restorative mask, and a soothing scalp massage. It is completed with VOYA’s advanced serums and moisturisers tailored to the client’s skin specific needs.

Tradition Meets Technology

This treatment marries spa tradition and technology seamlessly, cleansing, peeling, massaging, shielding, and protecting the skin. The treatment can help to improve aged skin including fine lines and wrinkles, collagen stimulation, congestion, pigmentation, and redness.

The Haumea Smart Sonic Facial Brush

For this exciting new advanced facial, VOYA have collaborated with another homegrown brand from Ireland’s west coast, Haumea.

Haumea is a new Irish grown and owned brand that is focused on creating luxury high end skincare devices, products and accessories that do not compromise on quality or effectiveness. Haumea was created and developed by skincare professional Anna Forde. Anna has extensive experience in the field, having created and grown a hugely successful beauty & skincare hub in the West of Ireland for the last fourteen years.

The Haumea Smart Sonic Facial Brush

This brush transmits 8,000 T-sonic™ vibrations per minute to get deep under the skin’s surface to gently clean out pores and reveal a smoother, more radiant complexion.

The Smart Sonic Brush has 12 adjustable vibration settings and is ideal for redness-prone, sensitive, or mature skin types. The brushes vibration mechanism works to stimulate skin cells, boost circulation and collagen production within the skin. It also aids in lymphatic drainage and removes toxins, whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines, age spots and pores.

“At VOYA we love to support local, homegrown Irish brands, so we are delighted to partner with Haumea. The addition of their Facial Brush in our new Skin Renewal Facial allows us to keep our treatment offerings innovative as well as effective, alongside our new Advanced Serums.”

Mark Walton, co-founder of VOYA 

The Haumea Smart Sonic Facial Brush in action

“We are thrilled to be partnering with such an esteemed skincare brand, and even more excited to be working with another Irish brand that holds the same values and principles as we do.”

Anna Forde, creator of Haumea