VOYA Launches Coconut & Jasmine Lifestyle Range

VOYA are renowned for their luxurious scents and due to the phenomenal success of the Coconut & Jasmine scented candle, a new OH SO SCENTED range has launched in July 2021 which includes a Coconut & Jasmine Reed Diffuser, Refill, and Luxury Room Spray.

Voya Organic Beauty Launches Coconut & Jasmine Lifestyle Range

Open your senses to the exotic and calming fragrance of Coconut and Jasmine. Close your eyes and let VOYA transport you to the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Scent your home in style with the rich core boasting tropical notes of Coconut, infused with smooth Vanilla and undertones of Jasmine and Orange. A twist of creamy Amber will soothe and comfort the soul. This relaxing scent will improve your mood and help to reduce stress levels. It subtly oozes essential oils that improve wellbeing and encourage deep relaxation.

The sensual and sweet smell of Jasmine has been used for centuries in aromatherapy. Its heavenly aroma makes it an ideal oil to ignite a positive mood and assists in becoming present in the moment. Research has found that Jasmine promotes beta rhythms in the brain, those associated with mental alertness, and contributes to a calming effect on the nervous system while leaving the mind clear and alert. Smelling the fresh fragrance of Coconut evokes memories of summery gentle breezes and palm trees. It relaxes the body and dissolves stress. Coconut’s soothing scent will brighten up your mood even on the dullest days.


REED DIFFUSER | COCONUT & JASMINECoconut & Jasmine Diffuser

Greeting you and your guests with this gorgeous diffuser is a quick and simple way to get a zen- like feel and simulate a spa experience within your home or office. Drift off and relax within moments with the heavenly aroma of Jasmine with the earthy combination of Coconut. This Diffuser fills the room with a dreamy and exotic scent without being overpowering.


Coconut & Jasmine Diffuser Refill
The easiest way to refill your Coconut and Jasmine reed diffuser. On brand with VOYA’s sustainable and reusable ethos, the refills give new life to the Diffuser.


Coconut & Jasmine Room Spray
Room Sprays are the quickest and most convenient way to give any room an opulent VOYA spa ambiance. Kind to you and the earth, our 100% natural luxury room sprays are full of tiny droplets of aromatherapy goodness - no chemicals included. Freshening the air with the highest quality blend of essential oil and natural emulsifiers.


 The benefits of aromatherapy are way greater than making a room smell nice, it also plays a vital role in your mood. We cannot always control external events but we can support shifting our awareness from stressed to calm. Wellness comes from within and that includes the spaces where you spend most of your days. From the home to the office and everywhere in-between, your scenes are interacting with the environment.


Our carton packaging board is a special blend of FSC certified pulps.
Our inner packaging is recyclable glass.
 VOYA are committed to using only natural and non-toxic ingredients. We promise to continue to explore environmental and sustainable ways to do business by innovating and adapting where we can and when we can. We are on a trajectory to reduce waste, carbon emissions, and pollution by minimising our impact on the environment and plant Earth.