Voya Herbal Teas

Get into spring’s restorative mood with VOYA’s newly designed luxury range of herbal seaweed teas. Peppermint to invigorate, Camomile to calm and Fennel to detoxify. They have an aroma and flavour as fresh and comforting as the sea air blown in from the wild Atlantic Coast. Soothing, refreshing, and rich in antioxidants, the teas are carefully crafted to combine the benefits of seaweed with nature’s most revitalising aromas and tastes.  Healthy, wholesome, and natural for ingestion, seaweed filters the ocean for nourishment obtaining strong antioxidants, countless minerals and vitamins making it a perfect tonic to replenish the body.

Take the spa experience home with VOYA’s tea selection and heal at home this spring.

Peppermint Pleasure (Energise and Soothe)

This light infusion blends cooling peppermint with sumptuously sweet spearmint to give a gentle yet refreshing taste. Peppermint Pleasure is a fantastic tonic for aiding digestion and soothing the stomach, whilst further helping to reduce any signs or feelings of bloating.  Peppermint Pleasure is ideal for reinvigorating the body and boosting concentration levels – we recommend a cup in the afternoon for an energising treat.

Camomile Calm (Settle and Sleep)

To calm the mind and senses, explore the floral flavours of VOYA’s Camomile tea, further combined with lemon balm and lime blossom, liquorice, and bourbon vanilla to create peace in both the mind and body. Specially formulated to soothe, Camomile Calm is the perfect pre-bedtime treat due to its tranquillity enduing therapeutic benefits.

Fennel Fusion (Detox and Slim)

Fennel Fusion gets its beautifully delicious, balanced flavour from only the finest organic fennel seeds and seaweed! Fennel Fusion helps to flush out excess fluids and reduce water retention to leave you feeling comfortable and confident. Fennel is known to also work to supress the appetite slightly, creating the feeling of being full whilst speeding up the metabolism.

As well as containing therapeutic health benefits and delicious flavours, VOYA’s teas are naturally low in carbohydrates and calories. VOYA’s seaweed teabags contain no genetically modified ingredients and are also gluten and caffeine free, further helping to maintain a healthy body as part of a calorie-controlled diet. This natural lifestyle tea range also meets the highest organic level of accreditation, achieving both the Soil Association logo and the EU Organic certification. This means that at least 95% of the ingredients used are certified as 100% organic.

VOYA continues to be a leading organic influencer on a global scale and the rebranding of VOYA’s lifestyle range comes as part of their continuing brand evolution. This tea range is sold as part of a detox plan on Canyon Ranch Cruise Ships through their spas globally.

Did you know?

VOYA’s team of expert harvesters only use sustainable and conservative harvesting practices when removing seaweed. This ensures no damage is caused to the beautiful coastline of County Sligo, Ireland or to its precious flora.