Voya launches at the Grand Park Hotel and Spa in Rovinj, Croatia

Award-winning luxury and organic seaweed skincare brand VOYA is expanding its global portfolio as it launches at the newly opened 5-star Grand Park Hotel and Spa in Rovinj, Croatia. The Àlbaro Spa & Wellness menu offers a compressive choice of VOYA Facial and Body Care Treatments.

Lured by the siren call of the sea and inspired by the freedom of sailing, the Àlbaro Spa & Wellness offer offers a singular vision of Istrian healing. Rooted in historical wellness traditions that speak to their own story: of ancient sailors’ remedies drawn from the deep, and wellness traditions. Seafaring people have used the restorative powers of seaweed, salt, and mud to heal wounds, soothe the skin, and recall the glow of youth. Thus, the integrity, elegance, and efficacy of VOYA is seen as the perfect spa partner for the Àlbaro Spa & Wellness.

5-star Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

Raw Goodness from the Wild Sea

To bring wild, sustainable seaweed untouched by pollution, the Àlbaro Spa & Wellness looked beyond the Adriatic to the cold waters of Ireland, where VOYA, founded as a revival of indigenous seaweed bathing traditions crafts their products. Research confirms that seaweed, in particular, Laminaria Digitata and Fucus Serratus has a profound effect on skin's collagen production, increasing elasticity and suppleness. VOYA’s sustainable hand-picked products are certified organic and produced in a carbon neutral process. They are cruelty-free and do not contain any harmful ingredients.

5-Star Luxury at the Grand Park Rovinj

5-Star Luxury at the Grand Park Rovinj The 5-star Grand Park Hotel Rovinj includes the largest and most luxurious spa & wellness centre in Istria. Spread across 3,800 square metres of indoor and outdoor space on two floors. Three saunas, two steam rooms, special aromatic programmes, two small cold pools, and a shower area make for a complete thermal cycle. Part of the Maistra Collection brand, The Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is situated on the south end of the Rovinj seaside promenade in Istria. The hotel lies above the marina with an endless view of the baroque basilica of St. Euphemia on one side, and the forest park on the other.

5-star Grand Park Hotel Rovinj