VOYA Organic Beauty have launched an ‘8 Steps to Wellness Programme’ for all Aqua Sana employees and guests in conjunction with the success of their Pop-Up Spa. These pop ups ran at Woburn Forest and Sherwood Forest from January to February of this year. To celebrate the launch of the 8 Steps to Wellness VOYA, in conjunction with Aqua Sana have brought in accomplished Life Coach, John G Coaching to both locations. John G specialises in the art of Mind Calm and how we as humans can control our thoughts to help us live a more happy and healthy life.

Voya Aqua Sana Pop-up

“As a wellness brand VOYA believe that to deliver exceptional treatments to the standard, we expect our spa therapists need to be healthy and happy in themselves. It's vital that we concentrate on the wellness and the wellbeing of therapists and ensure they are approaching the day in a positive way, with a calm and balanced energy. John G has an astonishing way of helping people see how to control negative thoughts and not let outside influences control their moods and attitude and ultimately their work throughout the day”?

VOYA Global Head of Sales and Business Development - Emma Roberts

“The wellbeing of our team is really important to Aqua Sana, as we want all our therapists to feel good in order to create the best experience for our spa guests. The VOYA brand is so in tune with our own love of all things natural and the 8 Steps to Wellness Program is the perfect way of looking after the wellbeing of our team and guests. We’ve had great positive feedback from therapists who have said this has already had an impact on their wellbeing and we’re delighted to be working with VOYA on this initiative”.

Aqua Sana Group Spa Manager - Kay Pennington


Get Back to Nature

Forest bathing is a top wellness trend. Immersing yourself in nature helps you feel calmer and more connected, helping to reduce stress levels. For 10 minutes everyday step outside and feel the wind on your face. Look at the nature around you, notice the scenery, look at the beauty and the colours. Take a moment and breathe.

Drink More Water

55-65% of our bodies are made up of water, we function much better and have more energy when we are hydrated. Drink lots of water, especially during the day starting with a glass at breakfast. Your body dehydrates overnight, so refilling the tank early will help you function better and have more energy throughout the day.

Voya Aqua Sana Pop Up

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep plays an important role in your physical health. While we are sleeping our bodies heal and repair. Ongoing sleep deficiency will leave you exhausted, grumpy and unwell.  Stick to a sleep routine (even on weekends) which should include no TV or phones an hour before sleep time, make sure you have a comfortable bed; mattresses should be  replaced every 8-10 years. Ensure your bedroom surroundings are calm and stress free, set to a good temperature and quiet, and if you can, use blackout blinds.

Eat Nutritious Food

We are what we eat has never been truer. Recent health studies are showing that good nutrition will help to prevent and heal disease. Ensure you are getting a good balance of nutrients. Eat 6-8 portions of fruit and vegetables throughout the day. Plan healthy nutritious meals for the week ahead and avoid processed food options.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

This helps to build self-esteem, relieve stress, create bonds, and improve positive behaviour. In today’s busy world we are often more connected to our devices than we are to friends and family. Make sure every week you spend time with someone close to you.


In almost all cultures breath is connected to our vital energy. Breathing is the fundamental cleansing mechanism of the body, supplying fresh oxygen to every cell in the body and taking away waste carbon dioxide. There are three actions of breathing – to cleanse, to steady and to calm.

By practicing abdominal breathing, you will release any trapped energy and will feel a lot calmer, rejuvenated and have more vitality. Close your eyes, relax your body, place your palms face up on your thighs, take a deep breath in through your nose, really fill your chest with air, release through your mouth.

Voya Aqua Sana Pop Up Spa

Turn Off your Phone

Throughout the day it will help keep you more focused. It improves real-life relationships as you will be more present. Recent studies show your phone could be depressing you.  At work keep your phone in a drawer so you are not tempted to check it. At dinner don’t allow phones at the table, enjoy the company of your family and friends, use the time to talk and connect.

Move More

Movement helps improves sleep, decreases hypertension, reducing risks of heart attacks and strokes, slows mental decline, improves the mood and battles the effects of depression.  Daily walking can act as a form of meditation. It gives you time to mull over ideas and also helps to reduce fatigue. So, make time for yourself and go for a walk 30 minutes 5 times a week and get those 10,00 steps in everyday – you’ll notice a difference.

For more information on the Aqua San pop up, VOYA treatments or products or to request images of the events or more tips and advice, please contact pr@voya.ie

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