Every month we are highlighting one of our brilliant spa partners with you; the perfect way to discover VOYA treatments and products from all around the world. Our Spa of The Month for July is Aqua Sana. These luxurious and award-winning spas are part of the Center Parcs family with one location in Ireland and five locations across the UK.

VOYA are proud partners with all six locations where guests can indulge in sublime spa VOYA face and body treatments provided by Aqua Sana’s leading therapists. From seaweed scrubs to organic facials, the treatments available at Aqua Sana will refresh your body and bring out your natural beauty. VOYA-certified organic products are formulated using the finest natural ingredients, hand-harvested seaweed extract, and essential oils to nourish and protect the skin. 

Aqua Sana Village Ireland

Longford Forest

The Aqua Sana Longford Forest in Ireland was introduced in 2019 and has re-launched since the pandemic restrictions have been lifted welcoming guests  to their unique, luxury forest retreat. 

Aqua Sana Longford Forest is Ireland's newest and largest stand-alone spa offering a unique concept that blends the forest environment into the spa. The layout and facilities of the spa are designed to stimulate your senses, reinvigorate your body and calm your mind. Among 400 acres of serene woodland you will find a range of 21 different hot, cold, herbal, and meditative spa experiences across four zones: Volcanic Forest, Nordic Forest, Hot Springs, and Treetop Nesting. All of the experiences are influenced by some of the most spectacular natural environments from around the world and take inspiration from ancient healing traditions to surround guests in the replenishing powers of nature. You will leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. 

Volcanic Forest Experience

The Volcanic Forest is a thermal experience that allows guests to immerse themselves in heat and cold therapies or snuggle up while listening to the calming sounds of a crackling cosy fire. The Volcanic Forest includes a Lava Sauna, Volcanic Steam, Volcanic Mists, and Fireside Relax.

Lava Sauna

Feel the dry heat of the fiery Lava Sauna, which relaxes muscles and boosts circulation. Red light and glowing coal recreate the look and feel of the earth's fiery core in this intense sauna.

Volcanic Steam

The Volcanic Steam room eases tension and detoxifies the skin, while the red and amber glow of the volcano illuminates the room, helping you to sink into a deep state of relaxation.

Volcanic Mists

After the thermal experiences, brave the cold bucket shower to cool down or choose from several nature-inspired settings, including tropical rain, cold mist and warm spray.

Fireside Relax

Finish your journey at the Fireside Relax. Snuggle up on an over-sized cocoon bed in this dark room, wrapping yourself in a blanket and enjoying the soft glow and crackling sounds of the fire. 

Nordic Forest Experience

The Scandinavian-inspired Nordic Forest comprises a range of experiences including the Alpine Steam room, which incorporates rose essence and amethyst crystal to the invigorating Ice Cave before curling up in a cosy blanket beside the flickering fire pit in our outdoor Scandinavian Snug.

Nordic Sauna

Take a seat on the wooden benches and enjoy the soothing dry heat, inducing perspiration and opening pores to cleanse the body of impurities. The floor-to-ceiling window brings a 'wow-factor', with peaceful and panoramic views of the forest outside. 

Aqua Sana Ireland Alpine Steam

Alpine Steam

Intense steam, rose essence and amethyst crystal work together in harmony, soothing the skin, improving circulation and boosting your respiratory, digestive and immune systems. 

Ice Cave

Enjoy an invigorating ice rub across your skin. Alternating extremes of hot and cold can boost circulation, reduce inflammation, minimise pores and create a sense of wellbeing. 

Forest Rain Walk

A sequence of shower experiences harnesses the benefits of meridian acupressure, with hot and cool water and varying scents, sounds, colours and sensations.

Scandinavian Snug

A cosy, Scandinavian-inspired garden retreat. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket and curl up amongst the cushions, enjoying the flickering fire pit and woodland views outside. 

Hot Springs Experience

The Hot Springs includes a Salt Steam Room, Waterfall Shower and two large outdoor hot tubs, where guests can soak under the stars as they breathe in the fresh Longford forest air. 

Hot Springs Garden

Sink into a warm outdoor hot tub and watch the steam rise against the beautiful pine woodland backdrop. Breathe in the fresh forest air, listen to the peaceful sound of birdsong and allow your stresses to melt away amongst the bubbles. 

Waterfall Shower

Cool off or warm up with a refreshing waterfall shower, with various programmes including gentle tropical rain, a warm waterfall or a sequence.

Salt Steam Room

Natural salt stone saturates the air with valuable salt compounds, while intense heat and humidity help to de-stress, stimulate circulation, open airways and purify your body. 

Treetop Nesting Experience

Treetop Nesting offers a range of experiences where guests can embrace the power of nature, whether that be in the heated loungers among the treetops, on a heavenly water bed or amid the tropical temperatures in the Forest Glade, with a cooling mist to replicate the rainforest. 

Forest Glade

Recreating the look and feel of a forest clearing, the Forest Glade steam room includes tree stump seating, hydrating mists, forest sounds and soothing cherrywood essence. This woodland haven leaves you feeling stimulated, purified and detoxed. 

Rain Forest Shower

Take a journey through the rainforest, experiencing a tropical rain storm, awakening your senses and basking in the warmth of the sunshine.

Deep Relax

These cosy water beds are the perfect place to snuggle under a fresh towel and sink into the soft bed. Enjoy the sensation of the gently rippling water below you, rocking you to sleep. 

Sweet Slumber

Experience a state of relaxation among the treetops. The heated body-contoured loungers set against a forest scene create a calm place to meditate, gather your thoughts or simply doze off.

Forest Relax

Enjoy panoramic views over the courtyard pool and woodland beyond in the Forest Relax area. With soft cushioned day beds, muted forest colours and wall-to-ceiling windows, you can take some time out from the thermal experiences and feel recharged and refreshed. 

Outdoor Pool

Take a relaxing float among the gentle bubbles in the heated courtyard pool. Whether you're enjoying the feeling of the sun on your skin, watching the rain falling gently on the water's surface or taking a magical swim beneath the stars, it’s a tranquil experience whatever the weather. 

Sole Therapy

Aqua Sana's effervescent reflexology footbath is the perfect start to your spa experience. Soaking your feet helps your body temperature rise slightly, preparing you for the heat of the other spa experiences while providing a real treat for your feet. 

Forest Garden Experience

The Forest Garden, unique to Aqua Sana Longford Forest, surrounds you with greenery as you watch the clouds through a skylight in the ceiling. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the natural world in this garden-inspired escape, designed to calm your mind. Lie back on the loungers beneath the skylight centrepiece and let your worries drift away to the soothing sound of trickling water. 

Forest Awakening

Make the most of Aqua Sana's stunning forest surroundings by taking a peaceful walk through the trees. An ideal way to enjoy the great outdoors and relax your mind during your spa experience. 

Sleep Sessions

Spa visitors are offered complimentary sleep sessions, with Aqua Sana sleep experts guiding guests to awaken the mind, allowing clear, meaningful and mindful thoughts as well as providing sleep advice in the sleep-inducing relaxation area. The sleep session begins with a skincare taster using natural products from VOYA or other renowned product houses. The session concludes with a relaxation ritual that sees guests completely unwind and make time for mindfulness.


Aqua Sana's Longford Forest Spa was crowned in the Irish Tatler Wellness and Spa Awards. These prestigious awards highlight excellence and innovation in Ireland’s wellness and spa industry. Here are just a few of their recent allocate: 

- National Spa of the Year 2022

- Best Destination Spa 2022

Aqua Sana Villages UK

Whinfell Forest (Cumbria)

Aqua Sana Whinfell Forest is nestled on the edge of the Lake District near Penrith, Kendal and Carlisle. Discover 14 spa experiences including a Tyrolean Sauna, Indian Blossom Steam Room and Japanese Salt Steam Bath. Warm up in the atmospheric Balinese Multi-Steam Bath, and let your mind drift away as you stroll through the Japanese Zen Garden. 

Sherwood Forest (Nottinghamshire)

Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest a short drive from Nottingham, Mansfield and Worksop. Tucked away amongst the forest pines, Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest has 25 spa experiences all around an open-air courtyard pool across six zones. Take in the peaceful and panoramic forest views in the Treetop Sauna or enjoy a body cleanse in the Salt Steam Room.

Woburn Forest (Bedfordshire)

Aqua Sana Woburn Forest is an hour from London in beautiful Bedfordshire. You'll find a range of activities from the relaxing floral scents of the Blossom Spa, Mineral & Gemstone Spa, Herbal Inhalation Baths, or experience the scents, colours and sounds in the Multi-Sensory Showers.

Elveden Forest (Suffolk)

Aqua Sana Elveden Forest is within easy reach of Norfolk, Norwich, Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds. This spacious, modern spa offers 15 themed spa experiences across two floors - all in a wrap-around forest setting in the heart of rural Suffolk. This vibrant woodland sanctuary has a citrus-infused Laconium, Indian Blossom Steam and Tyrolean Sauna.

Longleat Forest (Wiltshire)

Aqua Sana Longleat Forest is set in a spectacular valley surrounded by majestic Giant Redwood trees close to Salisbury, Bath and Yeovil. It has five spa zones and 24 different spa experiences from the atmospheric Forest Cavern to the calming Moonlight Steam Room. 

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