VOYA JANUARY SPA OF THE MONTH | The Alpine Spa at The Grand Hotel des Bains KempinskI, St. Moritz

Every month we are highlighting one of our brilliant spa partners with you; the perfect way to discover VOYA treatments and products from all around the world. Our Spa of The Month for January 2022, is the Alpine SpaGrand Hotel des Bains Kempinski, a leading 5 star hotel in St. Moritz, located in the beautiful Swiss Alps.The Grand Hotel Des Bains looks like the set of a winter wonderland. The building is all white as a snowy mountain peak with blue shuttered windows and two rather grand towers. It is located at the root of St. Moritz and has direct access to the ski and hiking Corviglia region, one of the world’s top snowsports areas with pistes that have featured in the World Championships and Olympics. The legendary Hahnensee ski run ends in front of the hotel and the cross-country ski runs of the Engadine ski marathon pass it too. The hotel has ski-in ski-out facilities and training facilities for winter sports with the famous in-house “Snow Academy Jochberg” ski school.

The Alpine Spa

The Alpine Spa is situated on 2,800 sqm right on top of the Mauritius Spring, famously known for it's health properties. The spa was developed under the belief in the unique purity and calming quality of the local glacial waters and mountain herbs. You can instantly feel the natural elements and purest products of the Alps with all your senses. 

Visit the spa to experience the extensive range of treatments or simply relax in one of the numerous saunas. Take a dip in the Kneipp baths or 15-metre spectacular indoor pool.

When the weather is warm, enjoy lounging out in the fresh crisp of the spa's garden as you marvel at the mountain view from the sun terrace or take a dip in the outdoor pool.

“Our utmost goal is to create our guests’ spa experience as unforgettable as possible. With exceptional products and treatment series, we improve our service and perfect the end result.”
Oana Suciu, Spa Director at Grand Hotel Des Bains Kempinski

VOYA Treatments Include

Kempinski Transcendent Touch Facial

This VOYA treatment allows guests to experience the best of both worlds. The treatment starts with a back massage to induce relaxation and gently melt away muscular pain. The facial contains a 20-minute massage to deeply restore and recondition the skin, followed by a dual-action facial mask utilising the exclusive re-mineralising Mermaid’s Purse face mask and Laminaria leaves.

Spring Essence Wrap by VOYA

Combining the detoxifying power of Fucus Vesiculous and Laminaria Digitata leaves, this treatment stimulates the blood and lymph flow, detoxifies, and hydrates the skin. It is an excellent skin rejuvenator, combating fatigue whilst deeply nourishing your skin.

Alpine Aromatic Touch by VOVA

A true grounding journey, incorporating scalp massage, face massage, stretches, and body massage that replicates the movement of the sea combining both gentle and stimulating movements. The ultimate luxury treatment to relieve aches and pains is tailored to individual needs.

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Spa Philosophy

"It is not a myth, but a fact, that we are all unique."

Some may feel invigorated and alive in cold weather and perhaps feel sluggish and fatigued in hot climates, whilst others might be just the opposite. Whatever your preference you will find your ideal temperature in one of the saunas of the Alpine spa.

There is a selection of saunas and thermal rooms on offer and an ideal place to relax or for winter sport enthusiasts to warm up in. Visit the Finnish sauna, bio sauna, herbal sauna, stone sauna or steam bath and then cool off in the laconium. 

Selection Of Saunas

Finnish sauna, 90° - 95°C, humidity 10%

- Strengthens the immune system and reduces the susceptibility to infection
- Supports the cardiovascular and circulatory system
- Stimulates metabolism
- Improves the blood flow of the respiratory system
- Expands the bronchi
- Increases overall performance
- Trains the elasticity of blood vessels
- Relaxes
- Cleanses the body

    Bio sauna, 70° - 75°C, humidity 30%
    - Good purification through high humidity
    - Circulation friendly
    - Alternating coloured light
    - Stimulating aroma

    Herbal sauna, 70°C, humidity 40%
    - Good purification through high humidity
    - Circulation friendly
    - Pleasant herbal aroma

      Stone sauna, 60°C, humidity 20-25%
      - Releases stress
      - Calms the nerves
      - Promotes well-being

        Steam bath, 42° - 45°C, humidity 80-100%
        - Expands the blood vessels
        - Relaxes tense muscles
        - Stimulates metabolism
        - Has positive effects on many diseases of the skin, respiratory system, joints and muscles  
          Laconium, 45°C
          - Circulation friendly
          - Has purifying effects
          - Is a type of sweat bath

            Mauritius Springs

            The Mauritius Spring is a natural nutrient-rich water source discovered in the Bronze Age. Then in the year 1535 the Swiss physician Paracelsus re-discovered the healing qualities of this water. It contains above-average concentrations of minerals such as iron, calcium, sodium and hydro carbonates. This unique blend of ingredients and its sour taste, makes the water, which guests can experience at a tap in the adjacent Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski St. Moritz, so special.