Voya Organic Beauty launches at the Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong
VOYA is delighted to announce our new partnership with The Peninsula Spa at The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong. We are proud to introduce our certified organic spa products, formulated from wild seaweed extract hand-harvested here in Co. Sligo, on the West Coast of Ireland to the patrons of the Peninsula Spa.

The Peninsula Hotels has always prioritised sustainability at the heart of its operations.

With the addition of the VOYA’s certified organic range, The Peninsula Spa now offers luxurious treatment rituals that deliver tangible results, whilst simultaneously inspiring the wellbeing of guests and raising environmental awareness. This caring philosophy is a key factor in the group’s acclaimed, award-winning The Peninsula Spa. The experienced spa team constantly sources and introduces new products and treatments that are at the forefront of sustainable luxury.

VOYA at The Peninsula Spa

The VOYA treatment range at The Peninsula Spa encompasses a diverse collection of pampering experiences for all skin types and specific needs. By virtue of its anti-ageing and antioxidant properties, seaweed – in particular, the Laminaria Digitata and Fucus Serratus varieties – naturally cleanses and purifies the skin. It helps to improve suppleness and elasticity while reducing the visible signs of ageing by toning, smoothing, moisturising, and stimulating the skin cells.

“Luxury at The Peninsula Spa begins with reigniting the connection to self and nature while bringing our guests and patrons the highest level of wellness and wellbeing experiences and continuing our utmost commitment to the highest level of sustainability,” says Mr Joseph W.Y. Chong, Regional Vice President, Asia and Managing Director, The Peninsula Hong Kong. “We are delighted to announce that The Peninsula Hong Kong will join hands with VOYA, a small family-owned Irish skincare brand, to launch its certified organic range of products and treatments at The Peninsula Spa.”

Voya Organic Beauty launches at the Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong

About VOYA

The core ingredient of all VOYA products is the extract of wild seaweed, which is sustainably harvested from the clean waters off the West Coast of Ireland. Here, seaweed bathing has been a health-giving tradition for three centuries and is Ireland's only indigenous therapy. Seaweed naturally absorbs nutrients from the sea and contains a bounty of minerals, vitamins, and beneficial ingredients in high concentrations. Seaweed naturally cleanses and purifies the skin and helps to improve its suppleness and elasticity. It reduces the signs of ageing by toning, smoothing, moisturising, and stimulating skin cells. From sea to skin, VOYA goes to great lengths to maintain the unique purity of its seaweed. Its products are formulated to deeply nourish the skin and aid its natural ability to heal and repair.
“VOYA offers luxury results-driven products based on the highest-quality botanical ingredients and aromatherapy oils, using only natural and non-toxic ingredients that are pure treats for the skin,” notes VOYA co-founder Kira Walton. “It gives us great pleasure to partner with The Peninsula Hong Kong, with a similar vision in preserving local heritage and sustainable luxury in our business, in delivering our treatments in the elegant and serene setting of The Peninsula Spa. From the outset of starting our business, we have been extremely conscious and diligent to preserve the tradition that is sustainable seaweed harvesting, strongly respecting the environment and the precious flora and fauna that flourish around it.”
VOYA’s hand harvesting of the seaweed also helps conserve the biodiversity of the surrounding coral reefs, whilst off-setting carbon emissions and funding The World Land Trust’s rainforest-saving initiatives globally.

About the Peninsula Spa

Since 2006, The Peninsula Spa has offered guests deeply personalised spa experiences in exclusive luxury and tranquillity. Guests and patrons can enjoy spectacular views of Victoria Harbour from The Spa’s 14 lavish, state-of-the-art treatment rooms. Each one is stylishly designed to achieve the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation for the mind, body, and spirit.