December Spa of the Month | Shangri-La Springs

Every month at VOYA we recognise a beautiful spa partner to inspire our followers and readers. The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and just in time for us to introduce you to one of our incredible USA spa partners, our December Spa of the Month, Shangri-La Springs which is located in Bonita Springs, Florida. This is a place where you can feel the essence of earth and nature, come with us on a journey to discover more.

The spa at the Shangri-La Springs

Shangri-La Springs

The Spa at Shangri-La Springs offers an impressive variety of natural and organic services and products, such as facials, body treatments, massages, salt infused sauna, eucalyptus steam room, BEMER mat and a private courtyard.

Yoga classes, art exhibits, and special events are just a few of the engaging options that Shangri-La Springs, a Blue Zones Project accredited institution, offers to its visitors. The hotel’s featured amenities include a full-service organic spaorganic restaurant featuring ingredients from our on-site 4-acre USDA certified organic garden and orchard

Fresh ingredients from this on-site organic garden, locally obtained organic proteins, and organic drinks are offered in Shangri-La Springs organic farm-to-table restaurant, Harvest & Wisdom, for both tourists and hotel guests to experience.

Oak Creek Relaxation Area & Dock at Shangri La Springs

The History of the Shangri-La Springs

Hundreds of years ago the Calusa Indians were the very first inhabitants of the area at the beginning of the springs' history. They traded and used the natural spring water for therapeutic purposes. The spring was later found by Juan Ponce de Leon in his search for the Fountain of Youth in the early 1500s. Many people thought the natural mineral waters flowing through the spring have unique healing capabilities. The spring that gave the name of the city, Bonita Springs, is the natural mineral spring that flows on the property today.

The Spa at Shangri-La Springs

The rejuvenating and healing properties of Shangri-La Springs' historic property have long been acknowledged. Whether someone visits The Spa at Shangri-La Springs for relaxation or renewal, they will feel as though the clock has been turned back in more ways than one. Enjoy a wide range of organic spa services provided by the Spa's highly trained and experienced staff.

Voya treatments at the Shangri-La Springs

VOYA at The Spa at Shangri-La Springs

The Spa at Shangri-La Springs uses VOYA's unique seaweed-based products and treatments from the West of Ireland's crystal-clear waters. Some of the treatments on offer include. 

VOYA Warm Muslin Bag Massage

Aromatic oils are released into the body during a gentle massage using steamed bags of orange, clove, ginger, and seaweed. This soothing treatment nourishes and exfoliates your skin in a gentle way.

VOYA Hydra Sea Deluxe Facial

Reduces inflammation caused by internal and external stressors. Multiple types of seaweed are used to remineralise, rebalance and rehydrate the skin on a cellular level. 

VOYA Marine Eye Treatment (add-on)

With any facial, a specialized seaweed eye mask can be added.  

Voya treatments at the spa at Shangri-La Springs

VOYA Warm Spiced Seaweed Mud Wrap

Strong in minerals and antioxidants and enhanced with the fragrant spices of ginger and orange to awaken the senses. It has instant and apparent benefits on the skin, including firming and toning, and is a powerful detoxifier, metabolism booster, and natural anti-aging booster.

VOYA Organic Seaweed Body Wrap

Your drained, tense muscles will be hydrated and relaxed, relieving tension and fatigue. Age-related changes and puffiness will be decreased as well as the skin being toned and firmed.

VOYA Organic Seaweed Body Treatment

The best remedy for skin that is worn out and dull is this procedure. The antioxidants in massage oils and nutrient seaweed provide a strong organic method to improve the skin.

About the Shangri-La Springs

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The Shangri-La Springs Hotel