VOYA is delighted to announce that our newly launched wellness and lifestyle products have won in the Pure Beauty Awards 2021.

Best New Wellness Product🌿
Pillow Heaven Relaxing Pillow Spray - Silver Winner

A luxuriously relaxing sleep spray to envelope you in tranquillity with notes of Camomile, and Lavender. This beautiful natural formulation is designed to be spritzed onto your pillow before bedtime to help you enjoy a peaceful slumber. Sleep well and awaken refreshed

  • Relaxing pillow spritz
  • Encourages deep sleep
  • Scent disperses with natural sleep movements
  • 100% Natural Fragrance, that includes Vetivert, Camomile, Patchouli, Lavandin & Lavender

A good night’s sleep is essential to looking and feeling your best. VOYA has been researching how to get the perfect night’s sleep. They understand that capturing a perfect night’s sleep can be impossible in this era of constant noise, technology, and social pressures and that a restful and full night’s sleep should not be a rare occurrence. When thinking about sleep and its relationship to the senses, few people immediately think of aroma. We can easily be aware of sight, sound, and touch because of the obvious ways that light, noise, and comfort can impact sleep. While it might not be as immediately apparent, aromatherapy with distinct scents may promote better sleep.

Best Home Fragrance🥥
Coconut & Jasmine Scented Candle - Highly Commended

Close your eyes and let VOYA transport you to the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Discover our new scented candle with the rich core boasting tropical notes of Coconut, infused with smooth Vanilla and undertones of Jasmine and Orange. A twist of creamy Amber will soothe and comfort the soul. This relaxing scent will improve your mood and help to reduce stress levels. It subtly oozes essential oils that improve wellbeing and encourage deep relaxation.

The sensual and sweet smell of Jasmine has been used for centuries in aromatherapy. Its heavenly aroma makes it an ideal oil to ignite a positive mood and assists in becoming present in the moment. Research has found that Jasmine promotes beta rhythms in the brain, those associated with mental alertness, and contributes to a calming effect on the nervous system while leaving the mind clear and alert. Smelling the fresh fragrance of Coconut evokes memories of summery gentle breezes and palm trees. It relaxes the body and dissolves stress. Coconut’s soothing scent will brighten up your mood even on the dullest days.

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