Voya launches at the Woodhouse Day Spas

VOYA’s therapists and sales team have handcrafted an exclusive selection of treatments for The Woodhouse Day Spa. They have spent the last few months personally introducing and conducting intensive training with The Woodhouse Day Spa staff.

Founded in 2001 in Victoria, Texas, The Woodhouse Day Spa is a national luxury day spa franchise that operates with the firm belief that health, wellness and beauty are intrinsically linked. Voted “Best Day Spa” by American Spa Magazine 2012-2014, The Woodhouse Day Spa offer an unparalleled guest experience. Known for an array of award-winning spa treatments The Woodhouse Day Spa currently has over 44 locations, with plans to open 50 spas by the end of the year.

VOYA and The Woodhouse Day Spa share a similar ethos, pride themselves on providing organic excellence and delivering a high-quality service. This exciting new partnership gives VOYA a stronger foothold in the US market which in turn, will aid growth on a global scale.

Teddy Lester, Vice President of The Woodhouse Day Spa says.

“Working with VOYA is delightful.  We love the brand and the people behind it.  Not only do we have phenomenal organic products that have harnessed the natural potency of seaweed and deliver great results, we have a team of people at VOYA that we truly appreciate working with, partners who are helping us to grow our business as we help to grow theirs.  And more importantly, our guests benefit most of all!”

Mark Walton, Founder of VOYA notes:

“Woodhouse is really redefining the spa market in the US with its consumer interaction and the level of treatment service it offers. It’s an amazing opportunity for us and a real endorsement in VOYA and in particular our results led, organic treatment portfolio. The Woodhouse customer has high expectations!’’