Herbal Infusion Bundle

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Take 20% off Organic Herbal Infusions when you Bundle Up! VOYA Herbal Infusions are made using organic ingredients and hand-harvested Irish seaweed. Our bags are biodegradable and are made out of non-GMO plastic-free cellulose fibre.

Bundle Includes:

  • Camomile Calm Organic Herbal Infusions (20 sachets) - To calm the mind and senses, explore the floral flavours of VOYA’s organic Camomile tea. Seaweed extract is combined with specially selected natural ingredients to create peace in both the mind and body. Formulated to soothe, Camomile Calm is the perfect pre-bedtime treat due to its tranquil properties.
  • Fennel Fusion Organic Herbal Infusions(20 sachets) - Fennel Fusion gets its beautifully delicious, balanced flavour from only the finest organic fennel seeds and seaweed!
  • Peppermint Pleasure Organic Herbal Infusions (20 sachets) - This light infusion blends cooling peppermint with sweet spearmint and seaweed extract to give a gentle yet refreshing taste. Peppermint Pleasure is a fantastic tonic for aiding digestion and soothing the stomach. We recommend a cup in the afternoon for an energising treat. 

Please Note

This bundle does not include a gift box. Voucher discount codes are not redeemable on limited offer product sets. VOYA reserves the right to remove product bundles at any time.

Organic Luxury From The Sea

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