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Become a VOYA partner and open your doors to a whole new era of luxury organic skincare with the exclusive VOYA spa, retail and amenity lines.

We are an award-winning spa brand specialising in luxury organic skincare products. The VOYA range uses the highest-quality botanical ingredients and aromatherapy oils combined with our certified organic seaweed which is carefully harvested by hand and selected by sight from the Wild Atlantic Coast of Ireland. VOYA prides itself on creating exceptional skincare, home and lifestyle products with an ethos of sustainability and certified organic standards applied from shore to shelf.




Advanced Organic Skincare Solutions

For over 10 years, VOYA has led the way for results-driven, certified organic skincare worldwide. We are the leading experts in harnessing the endless restorative and healing powers of seaweed. We blend our cherished natural resource with a wealth of the purest organic active ingredients and essential oils.

Our evolving range of advanced organic facial products and treatments, developed for specific skin conditions, have been recognised around the world for being special and have proven themselves with our customers to be effective and well loved.

VOYA products are accredited by the Organic Soil Association which assures that our ingredients have surpassed the strictest standards and are sourced both responsibly and ethically.

The VOYA Relationship

At VOYA we offer our partners results-driven products while enhancing the overall client experience through the use of ancient traditions and results-focussed treatments. Supporting you with a committed relationship, personalised and bespoke training worldwide, along with customised marketing and merchandising support.

To speak to a member of the team about becoming a VOYA partner call us on +353 (0) 71 916 1872 or email by clicking here.

“VOYA, thank you so much for creating such a thoughtful and effective line of healing body products. I must express my gratitude for your commitment to stewardship and tradition. Your ethos and standards are absolutely divine. Thank you for your dedication and integrity”

The Woodhouse Spa in Plano, TX, USA


The search for a suitable product line for Nádúr Spa, Ballygarry House began as soon as the concept of the spa was decided. We concentrated on sourcing a spa product range that was compatible to the philosophy and vision of Nádúr (Irish for nature). Voya fulfilled all our criteria as the products and treatments are focused on natural seaweed based ingredients and predominantly organically sourced. The packaging is earthy looking making it a very suitable unisex product to retail and the treatments are both luxurious and results-driven.  It was also important to us that we found a supplier who shared our beliefs in the concept of the brand. Voya are a family run business similar to the Ballygarry House and this resonates as a real passion for their business.

Nádúr Spa is the first spa in Ireland to introduce Voya. I have been working with Mark, Kira and all the team for the last 13 years and I am confident when I say that they are fully committed to the success of Voya and its relationship with Nádúr Spa.

We have regular visits from the development managers and fantastic support year-round from the team. They offer excellent promotional offers, high quality training and are continuously striving to improve and develop the Voya brand. We are very proud to be associated with Voya!

Gina Groves - Spa Manager

Nádúr Spa at Ballygarry House Hotel & Spa


We’re really excited about VOYA coming back for two more Pop Up Spas, delivering more fantastic treatments for our guests. Our spa brand helps so many people step over the threshold, into spa and realise the benefits for the first time. We want that journey of discovery to continue. Guests loved the VOYA products and treatments at the last Pop Up at Woburn Forest. VOYA are so in tune with our own love of all things natural and they make such a great addition to the experience we offer. ”

Kay Pennington, Aqua Sana Group Spa Manager