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It’s officially Autumn and with the time change a mere two weeks away, we are bracing ourselves for shorter, darker evenings and an already apparent change in the temperature and temperament of the weather.

Amongst many things this change in the season can take its toll on our complexions, with indoor heating stripping the skin of moisture and harsh weather causing redness and irritation. Now’s the time to re-evaluate our skincare regime and if needed, a change up in our facial products to address any new skin concerns. 

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This autumn during the annual fall of the leaves, we want you to wrap up in luxury not just physically but also mentally. 

This week on the blog we discuss how you can practice some self-care as the evenings get darker and shorter. Plus, we breakdown the best autumn inspired ingredients for your skin. 

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September is Irish Heart Month, this week on the blog we are putting a focus on heart health, with a particular emphasis on the different types of fats we are consuming.

We are also sharing some helpful tips from the Irish Heart Foundation that will help to keep your heart healthy!

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Have you any plans for some long or short haul trips this year? If so, this week’s blog may be very helpful for your skin!

We are breaking down the ultimate in-flight skincare regime, using VOYA products to keep your skin hydrated and glowing while you are in the air!

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It’s quickly approaching the end of August; the weather has taken an autumnal change and the evenings are already starting to draw in. Thoughts are starting to move to the new school year, starting college and possibly packing away your summer wardrobe! But, here at VOYA we want to hold onto that Summer feeling for a little while longer.

So, this week on the blog we are dreaming about some last minute Summer sun! Discover some luxury VOYA Spa destinations, near and far that might inspire you to book that last-minute holiday!

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We are thrilled to announce that VOYA has been named Organic Brand of the Year at the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2018. In this week’s blog we are giving the low down on organic skincare, the benefits and how you can be sure that the beauty products you are buying are the real deal.

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This week on the blog, Sligo yoga teacher and wellness coach Danielle Harney shares a simple yoga sequence that will help to improve your flexibility while also helping you to relax. Find just 15 minutes in your day to practice these 7 simple poses and you'll have happy hips in no time. 

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We are currently experiencing a heatwave in many parts of Ireland, with the mercury hitting 32C for the first time since 1976! While it is glorious weather to spend our days out and about enjoying the sun, it’s also important to protect our skin and our bodies. This week we share some helpful tips to keep you safe in the sun and how to cope with the heat! 

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This week on the blog, Life-Coach Anne-Marie Southcombe, shares tips on how we can assess our inner voice to see how it shapes our external narrative and shows how our individual outlook on life can affect how we communicate and share news with others. Keep reading to gain a new perspective on how evaluating and reshaping the stories we tell ourselves and others can have a positive impact on our life.  

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Every year, in the run up to Father's Day (Sunday 17th June 2018!), International Men's Health week takes place which encourages men round the world to check in on their physical and emotional health. The best gift you could give your father or partner this year is to encourage him to check his health.

Men are more likely than women to ignore symptoms or put that visit to the GP on the long finger. Therefore, in this week’s blog we list our top five health awareness tips for men to consider.

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A challenging time for women, weight gain, hot flashes, mood swings and much more! Menopause is a complicated process that all of us women will endure when we reach a certain age.

Like our most recent blog topics of pregnancy and childbirth everyone’s experience, differs. The occurrence and intensity of menopausal symptoms varies.  In this week’s blog VOYA looks at how the changes to a woman’s hormones can effect your skin and offer some tips to help. 

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We brush our teeth and our hair daily, we don't think twice about facial exfoliation or occasionally using a body exfoliator in the shower. But, have you ever thought about adding dry body brushing to your beauty or health routine?

Dry body brushing can be easily incorporated into your pre-shower or post-shower routines and believe us, those precious few minutes that you spend doing it, will amount to numerous health benefits, both inside and out

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In our final part of the series, we are bringing the blog in-house and asking our VOYA Mum's to give their top tips on parenting and how to prepare for the arrival of your new baby.

We are aware the internet is full of information, which can be quite overwhelming, and, in our opinion, experienced Mum’s and Dad’s, who have been there, sometimes have the best tips on life with a new baby. Real-world stories can often help cut through the noise and therefore we hope you this blog helpful.

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Guest blogger Pauline Mc Loughlin shares her ten top tips to help expectant mothers get breastfeeding off to a good start. Pauline is a nurse and midwife who is passionate about breastmilk and breast feeding and she has channeled that passion into becoming an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

She works in primary care, part time in Sligo, Ireland and runs a private clinic alongside breastfeeding workshops in BabyBloom Mother and Child Clinic, Strandhill, Sligo on the Wild Atlantic Way.

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Next up in our series celebrating all things maternal, we are putting the spotlight on Hypnobirthing with guest blogger Lauren Ray Hensey. Hypnobirthing has become more and more popular with expectant mothers in recent years, It combines the knowledge of birth physiology with techniques to help each woman to achieve the birthing experience she desires. 
To celebrate the launch of VOYA's Mum to Be Range, available to buy now! This week on the blog, we are putting the spotlight on pregnancy, labour, postpartum and being a mum. First up in our series, guest blogger Mary Tighe from DoulaCare Ireland shares some frequently asked questions about the benefits and purpose of hiring a Doula. 
April is Stress Awareness Month and here at VOYA we want to increase awareness on the matter, as its not surprising that there seems to be an anxiety epidemic happening in recent years.