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Whether you're coming home from a long day at work or a fun night out on the tiles, taking your make-up off can be a chore within itself. But, thoroughly removing your make-up and the build of pollutants and grime that accumulates throughout the day is so important. 

That’s why we have put together the ultimate VOYA night time routine, using five specially selected products to make your 4 step evening routine easy!

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Waking up from a peaceful slumber isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do and the morning rush usually means a race against time to ensure you are showered, dressed, fed and out the door in time. But this doesn’t mean that you should skip your skincare routine. We really emphasis setting aside 10 minutes each morning to ensure your skin is cleansed and prepped for the day ahead.

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It’s taken a few weeks, but the temperature is finally on the rise in Ireland this week. If you’re struggling with sticky commutes, uncomfortably warm homes and offices and sweaty bodies, we have 10 simple ways to beat the heat this Summer.

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Summertime and the gradual increase in temperature probably means that you’re making more frequent trips to beside the sea. If you are, then it could be likely that you’ve ventured into the sea for a refreshing dip! There is a group of brave adventurous people in Ireland that Sea Swim all year round, and so can you if you prepare well, plus there are countless benefits for both body and mind. Let’s talk about the wholesome fantastic hobby of sea swimming!

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When it comes to staying healthy, men are more inclined to talk about fitness and clean eating. However, too often they actually tend to neglect to take proper care of their largest organ, their skin!

Men’s skin naturally has a lower pH balance level due to it being more acidic, which can lead to longer lasting skin complaints. So, adding even a simple skincare routine to their daily regime can work wonders in improving the health of men’s skin.

If you’re a minimalist with your grooming products, the good news is that you don’t need a complicated routine to get great results. So, there’s no need for masks, serums, or toners, (these things obviously help, but let’s start small!). Instead, focus on these 3-steps, morning and evening, using good quality products.  

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Today, the 31st May 2019 is the last day of Mental Health Awareness month. So, for this week's blog, we are focusing on minding our mental health both at home and in work.

Having a work-life balance is very important, simply put. if you don’t get this under control it can a negative effect on your health and your relationships. It also really helps to do what you love! Don’t be too hard on yourself either no one achieves the perfect work-life balance but taking strives in the right direction ones.

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his week guest blogger Charlotte Argyrou a Botanical Illustrator talks us through how to bring creativity into the home at any time of the year. 

As technology blurs the divide between work and life, our working lives can so easily invade our homes. With emails, spreadsheets and social media in our hands from the moment we open our eyes until the final seconds before bed, it’s no surprise we feel perpetually on-call. It has never been more important to consciously curate our homes as a sanctuary of wellness and inspiration to counteract any impending sense of stress or anxiety.

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Keeping fit and healthy has never been more important. While traditional exercises such as running, circuits, gym sessions and yoga continue to be popular training methods. A large number of new fitness trends are gaining momentum in 2019, this week on the blog we’re looking at some of the most popular new trends to try.  

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Unlike food, there is no legal regulation in place for health and beauty products to prove their actual organic content. This means brands can label their product as ‘organic’ or ‘natural’, but they may only contain as little as 1% organic ingredients. Here at VOYA, we’ve known this for years, but only recently others have started to realise that if you don’t see that all important logo on the beauty products, it’s not actually certified organic at all. Always look for the logo.

2019 thus far has been a year of uncertainty in many areas especially with Brexit, but there is no doubt that the tide has turned on sustainable beauty and wellbeing in the beauty industry. VOYA since its inception have constantly strived to showcase their organic credentials and reassure their customers that we are making responsible choices in our formulations and business practices.

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If you are an active person, we’ll bet that recovery may not be particularly high on your list of priorities. But if you do work out regularly then recovery should be just as high up in your agenda as the exercise itself. 

Why? Because the body repairs and strengthens itself between workouts and continuous training with no rest or recovery can eventually have lasting effects on even the fittest individual. Recovery doesn’t need to be something that is difficult to incorporate into your exercise regime. In reality, there are simple things that you can always do to keep your body in peak condition.

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Here at VOYA HQ, we've decided to dedicate the month of March to all the Mamas! As days of celebration go this is not one to miss in terms of sharing your appreciation of the motherly figures in your life. Whether they be, stay at home mums, working mums, single mum, new mums, step mums or grandmothers all these amazing women deserve some recognition!

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We are increasingly juggling hectic work and life schedules and often spending a lot of time travelling for both. So, it’s important to consider how you can fit in a healthy and balanced diet around your progressively busy lifestyle. While it's easy to automatically reach for convenience snacks that are more than likely high in both sugar and fat, they won't keep you full for very long. 

This week we're giving you some simple tips to help you make eating healthy both day-to-day and on the go, that little bit easier!

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Unless you’ve been off the grid the past 12 months you can’t have failed to have noticed the overwhelming evidence concerning the planets reliance on single-use plastic. It has been predicted that if we don’t change our attitudes towards the use of this material, there will be more plastic in the seas by weight than fish by the year 2050 (The Guardian).

Currently, a frightening 8 million tones of plastic ends up in the oceans each year. With scary statistics like this, one might question whether there is anything we can personally do that would realistically make a difference to this enormous issue. But there are many simple changes that we can all make to help reduce our consumption and manufacture of plastic.

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Many people believe Valentine’s Day is a bit of a 'Hallmark Occasion'. But here at VOYA, we do believe in appreciating your loved ones and sharing the love whenever possible.

So, with that being said we have selected five simple gift ideas that you can share with that someone special this year.

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It’s mid-January and diets, detoxes and cleanses may be weighing on your mind. But, detoxing the body doesn’t have to be complicated or need to incorporate super-restrictive 3 day cleanses or juice diets.

There are simple changes you can make to your lifestyle that will naturally detox your body, to leave you feeling cleansed and energised throughout the year. 

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There is always a certain fear associated with making resolutions on the first day of the new year. Putting a target on having to achieve a goal by Easter or the start of Summer tends to put unnecessary stress on you to achieve these goals and then more often than not a sense of disappointment when those great intentions aren’t necessarily realised.

So, instead of sticking to sometimes unrealistic objectives, we’ve come up ten small changes that you can make throughout the year that are more approachable and a lot more inspiring.

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Cold and long winter days are the perfect excuse to pile on the layers of clothing and forget about our bodies until spring. However, we think it’s actually the perfect time to invest in some me-time and treat both body and mind to some therapeutic spa treatments that will invigorate and refresh the soul. 

Here are our top picks of VOYA winter warming spa treatments to help you look radiant and feel calm and revitalised this winter. 

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Winter is here. Along with this drop in temperature we are also faced with cold and flu season. It is vital to take steps to avoid infection and keep your immune system strong to avoid those sniffles. Fortunately, we have a complex system - the immune system which acts as the body’s own defence force. Its job is to identify what is not part of us, examine it and decide whether it is a threat, in which case it will try to fight it. The key is to keep this immune defence strong and healthy.

How can we best support our immune system? Keep reading to get some top tips for winter wellness and a strong immune system.

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Do you consciously and actively take care of yourself? For most of us the answer will be No. You’re busy and finding the time to take proper care of yourself can be hard. But if you don’t, it won’t be long before you’re battered from exhaustion and operating in a mental fog where it’s hard to care about anything, or anyone. 

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Sleep plays an essential role in both health and wellbeing throughout our life. But, according to the NHS one in three of us suffers from poor sleep, with stress, computers and taking work home often blamed. Regular poor sleep affects our concentration, memory and mood but it can also have far greater consequences in regard to serious medical conditions including obesity, heart disease and diabetes, those missed hours of sleep are known to shorten life expectancy!

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This Christmas get ahead of yourself in your preparation for the party season. VOYA have created a gorgeous luxury gifting selection that covers your gifting needs for all the family, friends and loved ones.  Christmas can be a hectic time of year, so makes things easier on yourself by purchasing your gifts early. 

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The inevitable winter flus and bugs are on their way and it’s time to prepare your body to fight them off. November always tends to be the month when we find ourselves surrounded by coughing and sniffing.

In this week’s blog we have covered some preventative measures you can take to build your immune system, because we all know prevention is always better than cure!  

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It’s officially Autumn and with the time change a mere two weeks away, we are bracing ourselves for shorter, darker evenings and an already apparent change in the temperature and temperament of the weather.

Amongst many things this change in the season can take its toll on our complexions, with indoor heating stripping the skin of moisture and harsh weather causing redness and irritation. Now’s the time to re-evaluate our skincare regime and if needed, a change up in our facial products to address any new skin concerns. 

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This autumn during the annual fall of the leaves, we want you to wrap up in luxury not just physically but also mentally. 

This week on the blog we discuss how you can practice some self-care as the evenings get darker and shorter. Plus, we breakdown the best autumn inspired ingredients for your skin. 

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September is Irish Heart Month, this week on the blog we are putting a focus on heart health, with a particular emphasis on the different types of fats we are consuming.

We are also sharing some helpful tips from the Irish Heart Foundation that will help to keep your heart healthy!

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Have you any plans for some long or short haul trips this year? If so, this week’s blog may be very helpful for your skin!

We are breaking down the ultimate in-flight skincare regime, using VOYA products to keep your skin hydrated and glowing while you are in the air!

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It’s quickly approaching the end of August; the weather has taken an autumnal change and the evenings are already starting to draw in. Thoughts are starting to move to the new school year, starting college and possibly packing away your summer wardrobe! But, here at VOYA we want to hold onto that Summer feeling for a little while longer.

So, this week on the blog we are dreaming about some last minute Summer sun! Discover some luxury VOYA Spa destinations, near and far that might inspire you to book that last-minute holiday!

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We are thrilled to announce that VOYA has been named Organic Brand of the Year at the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2018. In this week’s blog we are giving the low down on organic skincare, the benefits and how you can be sure that the beauty products you are buying are the real deal.

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This week on the blog, Sligo yoga teacher and wellness coach Danielle Harney shares a simple yoga sequence that will help to improve your flexibility while also helping you to relax. Find just 15 minutes in your day to practice these 7 simple poses and you'll have happy hips in no time. 

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We are currently experiencing a heatwave in many parts of Ireland, with the mercury hitting 32C for the first time since 1976! While it is glorious weather to spend our days out and about enjoying the sun, it’s also important to protect our skin and our bodies. This week we share some helpful tips to keep you safe in the sun and how to cope with the heat! 

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This week on the blog, Life-Coach Anne-Marie Southcombe, shares tips on how we can assess our inner voice to see how it shapes our external narrative and shows how our individual outlook on life can affect how we communicate and share news with others. Keep reading to gain a new perspective on how evaluating and reshaping the stories we tell ourselves and others can have a positive impact on our life.  

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Every year, in the run up to Father's Day (Sunday 17th June 2018!), International Men's Health week takes place which encourages men round the world to check in on their physical and emotional health. The best gift you could give your father or partner this year is to encourage him to check his health.

Men are more likely than women to ignore symptoms or put that visit to the GP on the long finger. Therefore, in this week’s blog we list our top five health awareness tips for men to consider.

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A challenging time for women, weight gain, hot flashes, mood swings and much more! Menopause is a complicated process that all of us women will endure when we reach a certain age.

Like our most recent blog topics of pregnancy and childbirth everyone’s experience, differs. The occurrence and intensity of menopausal symptoms varies.  In this week’s blog VOYA looks at how the changes to a woman’s hormones can affect your skin and offer some tips to help. 

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We brush our teeth and our hair daily, we don't think twice about facial exfoliation or occasionally using a body exfoliator in the shower. But, have you ever thought about adding dry body brushing to your beauty or health routine?

Dry body brushing can be easily incorporated into your pre-shower or post-shower routines and believe us, those precious few minutes that you spend doing it, will amount to numerous health benefits, both inside and out

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