Joanne Higgs, VOYA organic skincare trainer and therapist extraordinaire has sent us her Step by Step Guide to removing makeup the organic way.

Importance of Removing Make Up

Your face has worn and met enough free radicals and toxins throughout the day, the last thing it needs to come into contact with is more chemicals when you remove your makeup before bed, (especially if you have sensitive skin). At VOYA we know that the best ingredients to remove your makeup are natural oils as they bind to and melt, stubborn make up particles.

Here at VOYA we can’t stress how very important it is to remove make up before going to bed. While we sleep, our skin is working hard to repair, renew and regenerate itself. When you leave make up on overnight, you are preventing this important process taking place as your skin is unable to breathe which can cause long term skin damage

Negative Effects on Your Skin

When you forget or (even hands up ladies) sometimes are too lazy to remove your make up properly at night, your makeup sits on your skin overnight and seeps into your pores and blocks them. This leads to breakouts and blackheads. Blocking sebum (oil) mixed with chemicals and every day pollution marinate on your skin overnight causing pores to get infected and inflamed which causes spots. This slows down the important overnight renewal process, it interferes with the natural repair cycle and decreases production of collagen resulting in premature aging and dry skin.

Did You Know?

Unknown to a lot of consumers, the majority of make-up brands on today’s shelves contain extracts of synthetically produced chemicals. Although these do not cause immediate signs of harm if repeatedly left on overnight, it can slowly damage the skin. Remember the skin is the body’s largest organ, it only takes 26 seconds for it to absorb any chemical that touches it.

Wear Sunscreen/ Consistent SPF

If you aren’t doing this already it’s a must. Incorporate SDF into your foundation or tinted moisturiser every day and use over factor 30 with both UVB and UVA protection, no matter the weather — rain or shine.

Joanne’s Step by Step Guide to Organically Removing your Make Up

1. Make sure your hands are clean. Wash thoroughly with VOYA’s Clean Me Up hand wash to ensure bacteria or chemicals doesn’t transfer.

2. Use VOYA’s ‘Cleanse and Mend’ cleaning milk  to remove eye and lip make up. Apply the cleanse and mend to damp cotton pads, simply rest on the eye area to dissolve eye makeup and impurities and gently sweep down the lashes to help mascara glide off. Never drag the eye area! You’ll be delighted to know that Cleanse and Mend is certified organic by the world highest organic accreditation at 81% by the Soil Association.

3. Use VOYA’s ‘Totally Balmy’ to loosen make up. Totally Balmy is my cleaning hero, in one sweep it removes make up, every day impurities and pollutants which can damage the skin. Smooth over the face, neck and gently massage the skin, concentrate on your hairline, jawline and neck.

4. Remove using a warm damp muslin cloth. VOYA’s Totally Balmy comes with its own organic muslin facial cloth which helps to gently polish the skin while lifting and removing make up and cleanser. Using water that’s too hot or too cold can affect the moisture barrier as well as damage capillaries. Use lukewarm water to avoid skin feeling tight.

5. Repeat step 3 & 4. Twice is always better than once when it comes to this process, double cleansing will ensure all make up is fully removed. It might consume more time but your skin will thank you for it!

6. Once you’ve done the hard work of cleaning be conscious to pat your face lightly to soak up excess water with a soft clean hand towel, being careful not to wipe or scrub your face dry.

7. Re-balance the skin’s PH, tone, cool and hydrate the skin with VOYA’s ‘Ritzy Spritzy’. Spray onto cotton pads and wipe gently over the face or spritz directly onto the skin.

8. Apply an appropriate serum, moisturiser and eye cream to your skin. Every skin type is different so VOYA have categorized their range into three different areas to suit all our consumers. These are oily / combination, dry and sensitive. You can now relax and get a good night’s sleep knowing that you have cleansed your skin removing makeup, dirt and impurities.

9. Wake to beautiful, youthful, glowing skin the next morning.

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