In this week’s blog we catch up with the lovely Jayne Austin, Corporate Accounts and Operations Manager, at VOYA, Jayne recently attended SPAFEST in  Cornwall  and talks to us about the great experience she had at this wonderful event. 

Jayne's Story

Today’s Beauty & wellbeing world is constantly changing. The complete innovation and forward thinking of our industry pioneers means we never stand still. With this in mind I was extremely lucky to attend the very first SPAFEST. Held in beautiful Cornwall this event was like nothing I had ever attended before. And after over 20 years in the industry I have attended a few.

Being unsure as to what to expect I did my best to arrive with high energy and an open head and heart and embrace all that I was due to learn. Everyone who attended completely left all their experience of exhibitions and trade shows behind and immersed themselves in true wellness. In a time where industry leaders spend time and money promoting wellness to our guests we often forget about ourselves and those that help support us, both personally and professionally.


The brain child of SPAFEST is Amanda Barlow. What sets this fantastic event apart was the support it gave to The Made For Life Foundation. A charity which supports those diagnosed and recovering from cancer. I feel this is a subject that has touched us all in many different ways and that the industry still shys away from. It was interesting to hear about some of the facts behind what as industry leaders we can actually do for those who suffer. Those who possibly need our help most, we tend to turn away. I am sure there were many people who will now embrace what we can actually do rather than what we can’t.
The event not only bought together an Amazing group of passionate individuals but it created a wave of energy that lifted the heart and spirit. The speakers were truly outstanding. Bringing emotions  forward to celebrate what we have and what we can achieve. It has certainly made me think a lot about adding a NEW DIMENSION to myself, taking the time to CATCH THE BREATH. It reminded me that everyone I meet I should give them my BEST 5 Minutes. On top of all this was 2 days of laughter, tears, sharing and caring. One that I hope I get to attend again.

Describing Wellness and Wellbeing

If I was asked to describe wellness – there are so many ways to think of it. You can look at internally, externally, emotionally & physically. However, they are all linked. And we all will need something different to create our own wellness. And I suppose that was the most important lesson I learnt. If I do not give myself wellness how can I possibly help and support others. It is not selfish to take care of you, as if you are not well you cannot support others. Find what makes you well – a nice walk, a quiet time with a book, a yoga session. When you embrace you, you will be able to embrace others.
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