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VOYA Detox Seaweed Bath

The simplest and purest of our organic treatment processes, our detoxifying seaweed baths utilise the natural power of our organic hand-harvested seaweed to deeply moisturise your skin, increase circulation and promote healing.

An initial steam treatment will open your pores to the beneficial nutrients contained within our seaweed. Following this, we will immerse you in a bath of seaweed hand-harvested from the unspoilt Atlantic coast of Ireland. This treatment will relax the muscles, plump up and add definition to your skin, and support skin regeneration and renewal while combating the effects of aging.

Liquid Seaweed Bath

Our Liquid seaweed or water soluble versions are for use in hydro/Balneo therapy baths. Beginning with a half body massage and a body steam the client slips into a Liquid seaweed extract bathing experience filled into bath. After the treatment just pat dry with warm dry towel.

Seaweed Peat Bath

New to our pedigree of treatments is our Organic Seaweed Peat baths. We combine our seaweed extracts with micronized Peat. There is a long existing tradition of Peat treatments in Eastern Europe; they were traditionally used for a variety of skin and rheumatic conditions.

Vichy Shower Ritual

Massaging the body from head to toe using the foaming peat bath Shower of the body with warm jets of water and finish with cold to close the pores and lock in all the beneficial aids.
Moisturise the skin with an application of VOYA organic moisturiser.

Bath Salts Therapy

Envelop the body in a bath of Organic Essential Oils, Dead Sea Salts and seaweed sourced from the Atlantic coast of Ireland. At hand for the clients use by the bath are wooden bowls of salt scrub for the client to use all over their body while they relax in their bath.

Salt Scrub Bath Ritual

Full Body scrub with lashings of VOYA’s Luscious Salt Scrub all over the body. Exfoliating the body from head to toe. When finished just step of the bed allowing grains of salt to fall from body and step in to a detoxing seaweed bath and allow to all worries and grains of salt to dissolves away. Moisturise the skin with an application of VOYA organic moisturiser.

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